The Harry Potter Read

We’re gonna reread this series together.

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Okay, but seriously we’ve never read the books together and while Caidyn does a yearly reread, Chantel hasn’t read the final three in ages. We want to read them together and have a whole lot of fun while doing it. With a joint review for each because you know how much we love rambling, bickering, and expounding on things.

This is a rough timeline:

  • March: Sorcerer’s (bc we’re American), Chamber, Azkaban
  • April: Goblet
  • May: Phoenix
  • June: Half-Blood
  • July: Deathly Hallows

No. We’re not reading Cursed Child.

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Us after that book

We’re keeping *~pure~* with the series and keeping it as is.


What about you all? Will you join us or conduct your own re-read?

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