Hello, I’m Caidyn and I’m addicted to the library

I don’t know about y’all, but Iย love the library.

It really helps that my mom’s a librarian so I can get her help or ask for her to do something for me, but I fucking love the library.

But, lately, I have a crazy amount of books out. I think this is because I have bad book impulse control, so I put holds on new releases that interest me so I can at least leaf through them.

Yet, all of them seem to be published or start getting to me at the same time.

Right now, I have 12 books out from the library and I’m pretty sure that more will be coming in by the end of the month.

And, it’s such a problem because I have 200+ unread books that I own, which I’m desperately trying to get through, and then I have 10+ holds come in that I’m trying to read. Usually, they’re books I want to read immediately or check out if they’re new releases.

Talk to me!

What about you all? Do you use the library? Do you feel you’re addicted to it? And, if you’re from areas that don’t have libraries like most of America has, what do you use to read your books?