June Check-in

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As usual, let’s reflect on the things I read, both reviewed on here and not. If you aren’t friends with me (or follow me) on Goodreads, you totally should because you’ll see all my updates on books and everything else.

Top Ten of 2019

I still only have two left! I’ve made progress on one and the other is something I’m hoping to read in July so I only will have one left by the end of this month! Fingers crossed, right?


I read 8 books that were sci-fi in June! I finished Contagion, Scythe, Recursion, Thunderhead, and This is How You Lose the Time War. I DNFed Wilder Girls, Chameleon Moon, and Early Riser. That means I’ve read 28/25. I’m over my goal again! Turns out, I really love sci-fi. I’m going to stop really counting here since I’ve obviously held my goal of reading more sci-fi and making it a genre I reach for more.

Historical Women

I read 2 books, Mary Queen of Scots and Princesses, in June. I’m at 20/25, so I’m very close to finishing this challenge!


Last month, I read The Big Four, The Mystery of the Blue Train, and Peril at End House. I DNFed The Hunchback of Notre Dame (which made me very sad). So, I’m right at 20/20 now! I will be reading more since I still want to get through all of the Poirot series.


I read Contagion and If You See Her this month but DNFed Wilder Girls. (I do dual count them for genres if they fit in multiple places.) I’m at 9/10 for my challenge!

Talk to me!
How are you doing on your challenges?
What do you want to read more of in the latter half of 2019?