July Check-in

copy of copy of copy of top ten tuesday

Another month, another check-in to keep myself accountable. Because I need to hold myself accountable. Otherwise, I won’t get anything done that I want to.

Top Ten

I DNFed the ninth book on my list, The Hindus. It was boring and I couldn’t get into it. Right now, all I have left is The Bible, which I’m around halfway through at the moment. Should be done before December’s over.


I read Mirage and The Passengers in July! That puts me at 32/25! Way ahead of that and I’m not focused on actively reading more, although I will be reading it.

Historical Women

I read The Romanovs (there were sections about empresses, so I counted it) and DNFed Athenais. I’m currently at 22/25 which puts me right on track and I can slow down a little bit in future months!


This month, I read a ton of classics. A Tale of Two Cities, Lord Edgware Dies, Murder on the Orient Express, Three Act Tragedy, and Death in the Clouds! That puts me at 24/20!


This was a good horror month for me. I DNFed Everything’s Eventual and read Final Girls, The Passengers, The Bone Houses, and The Possession. I’m at 14/10! Finally, I’m done with the challenge, although I’m gonna read more.

Talk to me!
How are you doing on your challenges??

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