I’m back from Portland!


Look! We met!! (And, this is our new picture because, well, we just thought this was our best selfie.)

Now, you’re going to get a photo tour of our time together.


I woke up at 3am my time (1am where Chantel is). I got on the plane around 6am. Landed 6:45 in Arizona, so it was 8:45 for me. Then, I had a hellaciousΒ 7 hourΒ layover. I became one with the airport. I think I know it like the back of my hand now.

But, after those seven hours, I got on a plane!

And we took our first selfie!!



We went to Powell’s!!!


I got many books.

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See this stack? These are the books that I got at @powellsbooks! Obviously, I got quite a few. 🀣 In other news, I have no self control. Only one isn't pictured because I got it for my mom! πŸ“š I got a few books that I've already read, but most were ones that I haven't! My stacks of unread books have definitely grown. πŸ“š #bookpile #bookstack #reader #amreading #tbrpile #bookstagrammer #bookstagram πŸ“š [Image description: Stack of books that include The Shining by Stephen King, Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley, Solitaire by Alice Oseman, Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley, Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert, Scythe by Neil Shusterman, and The Romanovs by Simon Sebag Montefiore.]

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Yeah, I have no self control.

We also went to the downtown library because Chantel loves the building. I didn’t take any pictures, but it was gorgeous.

After that, we went and grabbed food at Mayas Taqueria that was omg amazing.


First, we went to Saturday Market! I only took pictures of food I got there.

Then, we went to the Pride festival!

I literally tookΒ one picture there. Tons of stalls and I just was trying to absorb it. I don’t take many pictures on vacations since I like to experience it while I’m there rather than through a camera.

The only pictures I took were of Satanic Portland us living our best lives.

Before parting ways, we went to Chantel’s favorite cider place, Portland Cider Company. So delicious! I took pictures of my drinks, of course, but they look the exact same.

The first is of their seasonal passion fruit cider. Super tart, but I loved it. The second is of an apricot cider! Not as good, but I still liked it.


We went to the parade! I took no pictures because I just was enjoying myself so much, but the selfie that’s our new picture is from us standing there for it!

We left halfway through because we had brunch reservations at Brix Tavern. Best fucking brunch of my damn life.

After this we went our separate ways because we were tired.

But, we did take super gay pics on the way to the restaurant.




I took no pictures on Monday. It was our last day together (sad face) and we did more personal things together. I mean, I met her mom and we had an amazing lunch together. Then, I met one of her friends and had dinner with her.

It was such a great trip. We had an amazing time and I’m already planning when I’ll be going back. Seriously, just so much fun. It was a jam-packed long weekend but Chantel described it perfectly. “I’m tired, but I’m happy.”

Me, too.

2 thoughts on “I’m back from Portland!

  1. It looks like you guys had the best time of your lives! ❀ So glad you two met and had so much fun! XD And I'm the same. I was at the rainbow parade in Vienna but I only took one selfie with my friend because we wanted to experience the parade and be a part of it. πŸ˜€

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