May Check-in

copy of copy of copy of top ten tuesday

As always, let’s take a look at what I read and how much progress I made towards my genre goals. I feel like I had a pretty successful May, so I’m excited to really see how well I did.

Historical Women

I read 6 books in May! Madame de PompadourRival QueensNicholas and AlexandraDominion (most of the book was about Queen Victoria), Katherine the Queen, and Death and the Virgin Queen. That puts me at 17/25! I’m pretty damn pleased with that, tbh.


I also read 6 different sci-fi books. I DNFed The Municipalist, The Last, and Last of Her Name. I actually finished Limited Wish, Sky Without Stars, and Dragon Pearl! I’m at 21/20 with that challenge. I guess that means I’ll be bumping it up again!


As for classics, I read 3 in May. I finished Anna Karenina and The Canterville Ghost, but DNFed The Secret History. I’m at 14/20, so that’s another damn good total by my count.


Yeah, I didn’t read any horror books this month. Whoops. I’m still at 6/10, but I have a couple books lined up for June that I’m going to dig into!


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