30 Days of Pride – Day 1

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Hey everyone, it’s Chantel! Caidyn and I founded BW Reviews together and I’ve been on hiatus for some time now, but I’m back to celebrate Pride Month. June has always been the gayest month out of the 12 so why not celebrate!

Barfing Rainbows

In honor of Pride Month, I’ve decided to make a comeback and recommend LGBTQ+ content all month. This ranges from movies, tv shows, books, and Youtubers. I tried to include as many different parts of the community as possible, but let’s be honest; most of these are going to feature queer ladies because that’s my jam.


Queer Eye Picture

Featuring L, G & T

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye, I envy you. This is one of the best feel-good shows ever. I remember watching the original Queer Eye growing up and loved it. I still love it. It was a fun show! However, I have never been more pleased with a reboot than I am with this one. Having Karamo and Tan in the cast as men of color is such a breath of fresh air. Frankly, I love all of these men. JVN is my absolute fav, obviously. I just want to meet them all and get a group hug. They genuinely seem to care about the people they makeover.

One of the best parts of the reboot is they don’t just do straight men like they did in the original. In all of the currently available episodes, they help a gay man, a transman, multiple women and a lesbian. They also have stayed in the Southern United States in Georgia and Missouri/Kansas whereas the original was in New York. I think that was an excellent change and I think the show is better for it. If Queer Eye is the way some people will change their minds about the community, then I’m going to support it.

When the news is reporting on something tragic in the world every day, this is something magical and queer that gives me hope for the future.

Also, if there’s not an episode that gets you to tear up then you have no soul.



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