Book review – The Last by Hanna Jameson

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The Last

DNF at page 190 – 1/5

CW: nuclear war, suicides, drug use, and murder

What to say about this book? I thought that I was going to really enjoy it, but, in the end, I was disappointed.

It had a strong start. I enjoyed the short entries that were little snippets of things going on for the first month and a half. Just the narrator processing what was going on in the world around them after a nuclear disaster on Washington D.C. I don’t really know if it was ever made clear that it was a terrorist attack that happened, but I didn’t really care after a bit because I started getting to the things that made me DNF this book.

First, there were way too many characters. And that’s even after a few characters and couples committed suicide. There were just a lot of characters that barely made an appearance, then I’m supposed to remember them when they pop back up into the story. The author even provided a list in the book of people who were at this hotel when the disaster happened.

That didn’t help me at all.

There were just too many characters running around for me to keep track of and put in my memory. Only a few characters mattered and, even then, I would get them confused because there was nothing that made me want to get to know them. Nothing that made them stand out.

Along with all those characters running around in the book, there was a lot of other stuff going on. The world is ending and they have no clue if they’re the last people left or not. Then, there’s a murder at the hotel that happened before the end of the world. Then there’s random drug use. And guns at the hotel. And gun politics. And politics in general. And the narrator talking to a character about God.

That was all that I really caught onto, but I have a feeling that there was even more that my brain decided it couldn’t bother remembering.

With all of this going on around me, my brain couldn’t decide what was important. In the end, it couldn’t hold my attention because there was so much being juggled that I decided none of it mattered and that the author couldn’t make her mind up about what she wanted the book to be.

It was a damned disappointment because I really did want to like this book. But, I didn’t.

Talk to me!
Did you read this? What did you think?
Does your brain do the same thing as mine when there’s too much going on in a book?

5 thoughts on “Book review – The Last by Hanna Jameson

  1. Yeah, think I’ll be skipping this too. I’m not a great fan of books which have too many characters, and to be honest, it sounds like there might be some problematic elements in here [if suicide etc are treated as throwaway]

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