Book review – Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young

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Girls with Sharp Sticks (Girls with Sharp Sticks, #1)


CW: physical abuse, extreme sexism, assault, body shaming, and rape culture

I have to say, this was a great book with a very interesting story that it had to tell. And, at times, it was very hard to read, although that only spurred me on to keep going because I had to find out what might happen next.

Something is wrong at Innovations Academy… but no one else really recognizes it. It’s like a finishing school for young girls, shaping them into model women who will be a man’s dream. They’re taught manners, gardening, interior design, how to make small talk. They’re beautiful. They’re well-behaved.

But, something is very wrong.

And slowly, the book unfolds to show exactly what this fucked up mess is.

I absolutely adored the whole crew of women and how it was a female-led story. Mena was absolutely fascinating. She was a great MC to follow as she woke up, seeing the mess that was her life and she was in. And her friends were so much fun, too. Everyone had a great personality of their own and I could distinguish them.

Also, this is aΒ very refreshing story. It’s YA dystopian/sci-fi at its finest. I have never read anything like this because it’s a brutal commentary on how the world is and how women need to stick together to figure things out. I know I’m not exactly the target audience, but I absolutely adored this whole story because it wasn’t a romance. It was honestly sci-fi and friends and that was gorgeous. I desperately need more stories like this.

And, I have to say, Look What You Made Me Do is the anthem for this story.

But, only four stars?

Yes. I wasn’t a fan of the ending and the fact that this is going to have a second book. I thought that doing a little bit of editing — cutting something out completely, basically — and this would have been a fantastic stand-alone.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely going to read the second book. But, I still think it would have been stronger as a stand-alone because I don’t want to see this dragged out into a huge series because I feel like the premise could run thin very quickly.

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