March’s Challenge Check-in

copy of copy of copy of top ten tuesday

This month, I feel like I did pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. I made definite leaps and bounds in one area, though!

Top Ten

I read none from this section in March! I meant to, but it just didn’t happen. I’m still sitting at 4/10 so far and I’m already starting to work on the one I’m hoping to tackle in April.

Historical Women

Again, I didn’t do great. I read Catherine of Aragon by Giles Tremlett (the review was only put on Goodreads). It wasn’t a win for me, really. But, I only read that one book. So, I’m at 9/25 right now.


I did better here! I read A Closed and Common Orbit, Four Dead Queens (which was fantasci), and Middlegame. I’m at 11/15 on this challenge! I might have to bump it up to 20 or something since I’m really hitting it out of the park here.


This is where I really did amazing. I read a lot this month. But, I’m at 11/5 for this. So, that means I’m going to bump it up to 20! I’m really having fun reading the Poirot series, so that alone is going to push me over the limit.


The one book I wanted to read this month was Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King. However, I failed and DNFed it because I wasn’t in the mood. Still, I’m at 5/10 right now and I’m sure I’ll be reading at least one this month!

Talk to me!
How are you all doing with your reading challenges?
What’s been your favorite so far?

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