Book review – The Bedding of Boys by Edward Lorn

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The Bedding of Boys


CW: pedophilia, graphic descriptions of sex with underage people, child abuse, and gore

Sorry, E. This was just a huge miss for me.

While the writing is on point and amazing, and E can definitely string a hella good story together, I just couldn’t get into this one.

I’ve read my fair share of books that have pedophilia in them. The one that stands out as a good comparison is Tampa. (Also, if you just type the title into Goodreads, be warned. The cover looks like a huge vagina.) That story focuses on a teacher who is primarily attracted to boys entering puberty. And, Regina Corsi is like that teacher.

Except, she also murders the boys once she has sex with them. Oh, and there’s a ghost following her that devours the bodies and cleans up the messes.

I think the biggest thing that didn’t work for me was the ghost plotline that got to be more and more important as the story went on. It just was a huge miss. At first, I was able to ignore it and happily did so. Then, it got more and more important. Then, there was a reveal about it and, yeah, I was done. It just didn’t work for me at all because I wasn’t able to suspend my disbelief.

The story I could get into was Regina and her goal to seduce Nevada, a fourteen-year-old she sets eyes on as the boy she wants next. If the story had just been that, I would have loved it. But, it wasn’t.

It also didn’t help that this is the first full-length novel that I’ve read by E. And this ties into his E Universe — kind of like the Kingverse for Stephen King. But, I didn’t get any of the Easter Eggs and it just left me scratching my head since I vaguely understood, but also didn’t.

All in all, I wanted to love this book, but it didn’t happen. It’s a very disturbing story, which E does best, but there were too many things that didn’t work for me. Still, I can’t wait for my next venture into his fucked up mind.

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