Book review – Becoming by Michelle Obama

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CW: racism, poverty, gun violence, and mass shootings

I’m going to start this off by saying that I have no clue what Mrs. Obama could have done to get the .5 star from me. I really don’t. But, really, I felt as if the book was missing something throughout the whole thing and it nagged at me. So, it didn’t feel right to give it 5/5.

But, anyways.

This book is beautiful. Michelle is a fantastic author. She knows how to write and it’s obvious that she’s thought about what she wanted to say and tell in this story. She talked about the story of how she became who she is today. The circumstances that shaped her are exactly what the book is about.

First, her upbringing in Chicago’s poor area. Then, going to an Ivy league college to get her education. Going to law school. Meeting Barack. Their marriage and struggle to have a family. His success in politics. Balancing motherhood and her career.

It was just so good to read because the message is so resounding: You are always becoming yourself. That is a job that is never done. And, no matter what your life circumstances are, you can become something amazing.

I really love that message because every time I open a tab to read the headlines, I’m immediately depressed about what I read. There are so many horrible things going on that I can’t even cope these days.

And, this was the positive political memoir that I needed. In 2018, I needed the anger behindย What Happened to carry me through a shitty year. In 2019, I need a positive message that I can carry through with me while I keep healing and growing.

I’m so glad that I read this, even if it wasn’t perfect for me. It was damn close and that’s what counts in the end. I’d totally read it again and I already know that I need it for my shelves.

Talk to me!
Have you read this? What did you think of it?
What message do you need for 2019?

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