February’s Challenge Check-In

copy of copy of copy of top ten tuesday

Second month! I think I did Let’s see how I did this time around.


This month, I read two more books from this list. I read Sisters to the King, Bastard Prince, and Royal Blood. I’m still working my way through The Bible. I’m finally past the first five books. But, right now, I’m sitting at 4/10 completed.


Alright, so this month I read Sisters to the King as well, along with Diana and The Tragic Daughters of Charles I. Right now, I’m sitting at 6/25 completed! Hopefully, I’ll get a bit further next month.


I read four books this month, but two were DNFs. I DNFed Annihilation and Binti. Just weren’t for me. But, I actually finished The Test and The One. Still, I’m at 8/15!


I’ve finally read some classics! I read SulaThe Mysterious Affair at Styles, and Madame Bovary. That means I’m at 3/5! I have a ton more classics planned, so I’ll be going over that limit. I might have to reset it to 10.


Again, finally read some horror! I read You, The Woman in Black, and Crawl. All were enjoyable and good reminders about why I love horror so much. I’m at 3/10 at the moment, but, again, I might bump that up at some point.

Talk to me!
If you’re doing challenges, how are you doing?
If you’re not, what genres have you read most of?

4 thoughts on “February’s Challenge Check-In

      • I’m glad to see someone else has gone all out on the reading challenges as well! And I’m really enjoying mine. I’m super impressed with your classics reading – I haven’t managed Madam Bovary as yet!

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      • I usually don’t, but this year I wanted to stretch my reading habits some! Push myself to read different things and all that. Madame Bovary wasn’t a bad classic, though. But, not my favorite. Definitely not the worst I’ve read!


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