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GOODBYE 2018!!

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I have a feeling that this year is going to be a great reading year for me. I have some goals that I want to go with and keep at for the year. There’s a personal challenge that I’m going to announce tomorrow — and you’re welcome to join if it’s up your alley.

Aka, I’m excited for the new year.


Evil: The Science Behind Humanity's Dark SideThe Devil AspectThe Vikings: From Odin to ChristWicked Saints (Something Dark and Holy, #1)

I’ve been working on this ARC for a while, but I only have a bit left on it since I had to download it to my computer. It’s good, but taking me a while!

How I love thrillers. I started this late December and it’s completely enjoyable. Perfect winter thriller for me tbh.

I want to know more about Vikings, so I got this one on a whim. I think it’ll be good! I have another book on this topic, but I’m interested to see since this seems like it’ll focus more on the religions.

I’m buddy reading this with Sam @ tintedprose! She’s already read it and is rereading it, but this is my first time and I have such high hopes for this!

Challenge I’m Announcing Tomorrow

Perhaps I should have done more planning. But I came up with this idea and I couldn’t fit it into the schedule, so it’s going to be announced tomorrow. See if you can spot a theme!

Queen Anne: The Politics of PassionGeorgiana: Duchess of DevonshireQueenship in England: 1308–1485 Gender and Power in the Late Middle AgesWe Two: Victoria and Albert: Rulers, Partners, Rivals

I went and saw The Favourite a few weeks ago, coming home to want to know so much more about her life and reign. Luckily, I had this at hand and decided to start it! My goal is to finish this in January.

I watched The Duchess on Netflix and thought it was amazing. Again, I had this book and had owned it for a while, so my goal is to read this in January as well!

Okay, so I’ve owned this book for a while. I read Byrne’s book about Katherine Howard and found it to be very interesting, so I know I’m in good hands with this book. It’s super short, too.

This is a book I’ve owned but put off since I’m not a huge fan of Victoria. I just don’t like her and haven’t. But, finally, I’m going to delve into the Victorian age!


Last, here are some books I’m going to shoot to read in this month! The list isn’t going to be exhaustive, but this is it for now.

The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy WarriorsFrancis I The Maker of Modern FranceThe 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and DisappearedBeneath the CitadelThe Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)A Study in Honor (The Janet Watson Chronicles #1)

Another nonfiction book, but I think it’s going to go fast since Jones is an amazing author. He knows how to write and make the history accessible to everyone.

Ah, Francis. I don’t know near enough about him, so I decided to get this book and I’m very excited. He’s one of the great kings of the 16th-century, after all.

I was gifted this book last year and I’m super excited for it. It seems like it’ll be a fun, slightly absurd read for the beginning of the year!

I tried reading this in October and it didn’t click. Then, I got the book in a subscription box so I’m going to try it again this month!

I’m doing a buddy read in 2019 of Sanderson’s books with the wonderful Emily! I’ve put off reading him for so long that I think 2019 is the year that I tackle as many books as I can by him.

Guess what everyone?? Chantel and I are picking up our little book club in 2019! We’re going to read shorter books than we were and we’re picking them ourselves. So, I’m very excited. Chantel put this book on my radar and I’m a sucker for anything Holmes.

Those are my plans for January 2019!

Talk to me!
Are you excited for the new year?
What books are you super excited to read this month?

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