Book review – The Ritual by Adam Nevill

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The Ritual

1/5 – DNF at 75%

CW: general violence and shitty friends/people

Iย really wanted to like this book. I really did. Because it sounds spectacularly creepy. Four friends getting lost in the Scandinavian forest. Then something is stalking them. It sounds up my alley, right? Perfectly on brand for me and my creepy interests.

However, I actually fell asleep watching the movie.

Wish I was joking. I got so bored and I was super tired, so I fell asleep. Oops.

Sadly, the book wasn’t much better for me. It started off as a super amazing read. It was creepy. It was atmospheric. It was what I wanted.

Then, the book started dragging along. I quickly realized that I didn’t have the characters down because they all felt, largely, interchangeable with each other depending on what was needed. No one was interesting. The main character was an ass. (Now, I love asshole characters, but I need them to also have some likable thing in them.)

Every single character was their own type of terrible. It doesn’t help that I was going off the plot of the movie — which was that there were five best friends and one died, which created tension between them — and that’s not at all how the book is. The book has four “friends” who have grown apart deciding to go out to the forest for no good reason. The book also starts in the middle of the story, so you don’t get a feel for the characters or their friendship or anything.

It was too long for what was being worked with. When I was halfway through the book, I started wondering where it was going and what was going to happen next. It was all moving too quickly, yet, at the same time, too slowly.

Then, I got to the next phase of the book and wasn’t impressed. It was such a step down from what it had started out as that I couldn’t get into it, skimmed a lot, then decided to stop reading it.

An incredible disappointment for me. I’m going to try the movie again, but the book is definitely not my thing.

Talk to me!
Have you read and/or watched the movie? What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Book review – The Ritual by Adam Nevill

  1. Sorry you weren’t into this one! I actually really enjoyed it personally, but the part with the death metal kids was terrible. It felt like that part didn’t belong at all. I thought it wrapped up nicely in the end but I came close to a DNF at that one part.

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