Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is November 20th and that means it’s a day that isn’t as talked about as I think it should be.

It’s the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

It’s the day where the transgender community remembers the people who were killed, sometimes brutally, this year.

Each year on this day, the dead are remembered. People get together and read the names out holding candles. I’ve never attended one of these, but I always try to remember those who passed away by lighting my own candle and simply looking at the list of the dead.

The list can be found here.

I encourage all of you to click that link and read. With the proposals that the Trump administration is coming out with regarding the conflation of gender and sex, it puts everyone at risk who don’t conform to the norms presented by society.

Please, read it and, if you can, share it. Being murdered is a fear and worry that I have in the back of my mind every day, even more so with all these proposals. It’s a scary time.

13 thoughts on “Transgender Day of Remembrance

  1. I’m saddened that this is the nature of our society, where some members of our community are treated so appallingly. I wish we didn’t need another day to remember that we are all human, doing the best we can, and it is our differences which make our society stronger…

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    • It is upsetting, especially when you reflect on how Trump is trying to combine sex and gender under the same definition, which erases transpeople from existence. And then that people don’t seem to care and it drops out of the news circuit.

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  2. It’s completely ridiculous… I just cannot understand why people feel the need to be so vile. It’s good to have opportunities to raise awareness, like today, for sure

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  3. Of course! I think it’s something we should all be concerned about, it’s about basic human rights and dignities and freedoms. But when it directly and personally effects you… it must be an awful thing to have to deal with! Hopefully today, all the positive posts will give everyone who’s in your situation some sense of the numbers of people who are standing with you… I’m so sorry you have to deal with that kind of bullshit bigotry and discrimination on a daily basis ❀

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  4. Today I thought I would see more attention given to this day, to acknowledge all the tragedies of lives lost brutally because one dares to be who they are, but there was hardly anything about it, as you’ve mentioned in your post. Thanks for sharing on this platform.

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