Book review: #FashionVictim by Amina Akhtar

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CW: death, murder, obsession, gore, and graphic violence

This was another Book of the Month choice. Right when I read the description they provided, I knew this was going to provide hilarity, horror, and a good time. I wasn’t wrong.

Anya St. Clair is… psychotic. I would label her as psychotic. Perhaps borderline personality disorder, too, but more psychotic. She was a female version of Patrick Bateman fromΒ American Psycho. (But the book wasn’t as gory as that one was. Not at all.) It embodies the culture and lifestyle of the high-class in such a vividly terrifying way.

Everyone in this book was unlikeable. I can’t really name one character I truly liked. But they were all so interesting.

Back to Anya.

She desperately wants to be best friends with Sarah Taft. After trying for so long, she’s hit the resolve that she’s going to be Sarah’s best and only friend no matter what it takes. The body count grows as the book goes.

It’s no secret that Anya is a killer, so it’s not as if I’m giving much away. And, since it’s told from her perspective, there aren’t many twists, but it was a wild ride because I could never expect exactly what Anya was going to do next. That made the book so much fun for me. I could pick it up each day, knowing that I was going to be in for an interesting ride.

Honestly, I never wanted to put it down and I would love to see Anya’s next adventure if there was one coming.

Talk to me!
What’s your favorite book featuring a psychotic character?

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