Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I’d Love to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

When I saw this week’s prompt, I got excited because, well, there are so many options! Good and bad, tbh. Let’s jump in, though.

  • J.K. Rowling

This woman is the reason why my childhood was so great. I’ve made friends because of Harry Potter, lifelong friends. I continue to get joy out of the series. If I met her, I’d thank her for that, but also to tell her to stop. Just stop. She’s ruining the series with her queerbaiting, cultural appropriation, and casual racism. I love the series, but I’m beginning to hate her.

  • Stephen King

This man is genius. While I don’t love all his work, I have a serious appreciation of his mind, craft, and the worlds he’s created. It’s so great and he’s solidly a favorite.

  • Alison Weir

Mainly, I’d like to meet her to tell her the fuck off. Simple as that.

  • William Shakespeare

Another genius mind that I want to meet. I’ve read all of the plays that are for sure his and a few that may or may not be his. I appreciate them all even if I don’t love all of his work.

  • Agatha Christie

The Queen of Mystery deserves a spot on my list. Another genius mind that I would just want to sit down and talk with.

  • Oscar Wilde

He’s made me laugh. He’s made me cry. He’s made me think. Wilde has it all and I think he’s another great person to talk with. All the things he would say and all the things that he lived through. It would be amazing.

  • Seanan McGuire

McGuire is relatively new to my list — I just started reading her books this year — but she’s worked her way into this spot. She’s so creative!

  • Jane Austen

Mainly, I’d want to sit down and talk with her about her life and all the things she lived through as well. Especially about where she got her ideas for her books.

  • Mark Lawrence

Ah, Mark Lawrence. So good. I love his books and I’ve read nearly all of them. (I think I haven’t read three, so I’m nearly there!) His words are so creative. His characters so rich. His humor so hilarious. I love it.

  • Markus Zusack

Mainly, I’d want to pick his brain about The Book Thief since that’s one of my favorite books. I’d want to know how he researched for it, how he created the characters, and why he chose Death as his narrator.

Talk to me!
That’s my list, so what’s yours?
Who are some authors you’re dying to meet?
Have you met any authors? Tell me about them!

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