September wrap-up


Wow, this month just flew by. Part of me can’t believe that it’s over because so much happened. I’m in full swing of things at school, which means that I barely get anything done. Yet, somehow, I managed to read enough to fill up the month!

So, let’s just do a summary of what I read below.

I read 18 books, which is really good. And, out of those, only 5 were DNFs! I think that might be a record for the past few months. However, my overall rating was 2.6. I rated a lot of the books I read lower than I would have liked.

I read:

5/5: A reread for me and I love the book just as much as before. I’m sure that Chantel and I will do a review for it once she’s back to blogging and she’s finished it!

1/5: I DNFed this and it just didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the medium or the story being told. Oh well.

4/5: Even if this is one that’s pretty high up on the list, I didn’t finish it until late in the month. So, this one will come out in October! (Actually, it’s my first October review, so there’s that.) I enjoyed it, but there were definite things that didn’t work.

1/5: Another DNF, but this was a book I was really, really looking forward to. It really didn’t work for me, so I decided to call it quits rather than infuriate myself with the story.

3/5: I got this for BotM and thought it was a pretty good book. Not great or amazing, but pretty good. I don’t know if I’d read it again, but it wasn’t bad.

4.5/5: Another one for October! I really, really enjoyed reading this and it’s hilarious. It has everything I wanted to it and more. So glad that I own it because it’s a perfect read for when you just need a laugh.

1/5: This was a DNF for me. Pretty mediocre and it doesn’t help that I don’t have a huge interest in the original story in the first place.

4/5: Such a solid nonfiction book! Some of this review actually got featured on the publisher’s web-page for the book. I’d recommend it to those who want to read about Anne.

3/5: Average but a good first Silvera book. I don’t think I’ll jump right into his stuff right away, but I wasn’t upset about it.

1/5: This was another DNF for me. I got really far into it, too, and I knew I had to call it quits because the book just wasn’t that great in the end.

2.5/5: I really wanted to like this book, but it didn’t work out for me in the end. I can see people liking it, though! Both main characters are women of color and one is confirmed queer.

1/5: This is the last DNF of September and this was one that I got excited for because I heard good things about it. However, I found it lacking really needed things, so I found myself not liking it and decided to stop reading instead of push on.

2/5: After loving We Are Okay this was a severe letdown. It just wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

2.5/5: Started with a bang but fizzled out. I think I was just hoping for more creepiness from this book in the end.

2.5/5: Some of this, I liked. Most of it, I didn’t. Just didn’t work out like I wanted it to. Alas, since I wanted to read a book about some French history, but it got super dull and off-topic for me.

2/5: This one is slated for October as well, but it was really disappointing. I have one more Schwab book I want to try before I call it quits on her as an author. Just not my style is all.

3.5/5: Yes, another October review! It started so strong but it petered out and became… weird. It left a bad taste in my mouth on a few levels, so I’ll address those in here. Still excited to watch the movie. Not the American one, though.

4/5: This was my satisfying end to September. I really enjoyed it and it was such a strong book overall. Not perfect, but a super strong book.


Even though my overall ratings were pretty low, I still enjoyed this month and thought I had a pretty good one compared to August, so I’m pleased. Keep your eye out for tomorrow since my October TBR will be up then!

Talk to me!What was your favorite book from this month?
What was your least favorite?

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