My Safety Plan

This is going to be different than a usual personal post. I don’t quite feel like writing about what’s going on with school, so I want to talk about something my program brought in as something important for us.

That is, a safety plan.

What is a safety plan? It’s something that you create to help yourself in the face of triggers that can threaten your mental health. Basically, these are things you can fall back on to help yourself out when you’re stressed or triggered.

There are usually five of them. Or more if you have more things.

For example, mine are:

1. Read a book of my choice for an hour.

Funny enough, IĀ have to read books for my mental health. If I don’t read books, my mental health deteriorates. I can’t not read, basically. I have to read or I literally fall apart. Believe me, I tried it.

2. Pet my dogs.

My dogs are adorable and so sweet. They love being petted and held. No matter how bad of a day I’m having, they can cheer me up.

3. Talk to my mom or Chantel.

While I’m not the most extroverted person, I love talking to people I trust. On my first day of classes, Chantel and I talked on the phone for nearly three hours until she went outside and I couldn’t hear her talk anymore. My mom and I also have a close relationship, although she doesn’t listen quite as well as Chantel does.

4. Watch a show that I love.

Basically, just watch TV. Doctor Who, Supernatural, American Horror Story, American Crime Story, Ghost Adventures, Expedition Unknown, Destination Truth. Literally, the list could go on and on.

5. Call a crisis number.

This is something that’s supposed to be your last ditch effort if nothing else on your safety plan works. The plan is to keep you safe. And, calling a number like that, can help keep you safe.

So, that’s my safety plan. If you want the document my professor provided, let me know and I’ll find a way to make it available!

Talk to me!
Do you have a safety plan?
Are you thinking about making one for yourself?

19 thoughts on “My Safety Plan

  1. I didn’t know there was a name for this but there are definitely things I fall back on when I’m going off rails – Reading, Doctor Who, Singing and playing my uke (I call her Baby after Baby šŸ˜šŸ’•), make-up. These things are a little simple and silly but they’re so so so helpful! šŸ’—šŸ’—šŸ’—

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    • I’m so glad that you have something in place like this! It’s so helpful to just look at it and kind of write it out, tbh. Just so you have it in front of you. Doctor Who is a great way to de-stress, though!

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      • God, I know right? Part of why I blog is also because it gives me an incentive to sit down and rant and let it all out! And yess!!! The Eleven episodes always just make me happy.

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      • I use our Instagram for that — at least, in the stories — but I love that side of blogging! I mean, I love Nine, Ten, and Eleven. Twelve I’m iffy on. (I can rant for years about Moffat and let’s not turn this post negative!) But, it’s totally a comfort show. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, so I’ve been watching Scooby Doo because I decided to add the Boomerang channel to my Amazon.

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  2. This is awesome! I don’t really have a thought-out safety plan, but I generally know when I need a little pick me up and can find time for myself. This is a really great lesson idea, though, for kids who may not know themselves so well yet. I can think of a few kids where I work now that might benefit from thinking about a safety plan of their own šŸ™‚

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    • Omg that’s amazing!! I basically summarized a two page sheet of info about this topic (keep the needed details). If you want the full sheet, you can email us through our contact page and I can send it later today!

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      • Thanks! I think your summary in your post is great. I work in an after-school recreation program, so I think I would make it more of informal discussion when talking to distressed kids. Or something to work on if they don’t have homework and need to sit quiet ^_^

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  3. I definitely make lists like this for myself on days when I’m feeling off. Usually it includes something for my physical health or well being like taking a walk or a shower, putting on a show I love (almost always The Office), and making something good to drink (almost always coffee). My dog is just a constant so I don’t really think about him in my list but he’s always there to help. ā¤

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    • Well, your dog’s so freaking adorable so I don’t blame you for that one. You have a great list right there! People tend to overlook the little things, like showering, but that’s a huge step when you’re not in a good place.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your Safety Plan with us. It was wonderful to see what your list has on it. Here’s mine: playing with my cats, listening to music or singing, calling certain close friends, one or two hotline numbers, prayer and meditation, going for a walk, making a gratitude list, and practicing my DBT IMPROVE Skills often does the trick. I would also find it interesting to see the handout from your Professor on Safety Plans. If you can share it, I would be grateful!

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    • You have great items on your list as well! I need to practice gratitude more often. I did it as a kid, but I haven’t in years. But, I would be happy to share it with you! Is there any email I could send it to?


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