Book review – Prince Harry: The Inside Story by Duncan Larcombe

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Prince Harry: The Inside Story


This was the read I needed. It was fluffy and fun and familiar. Basically, everything that I needed during the school year.

Prince Harry holds a special place in my heart. He’s so much like his grandfather, Prince Philip, with the gaffes, but he’s so genuine and kind. For me, he’s always been in my cultural awareness, but just as a guy who seems nice. It took ages for me to find out about some of the things he said or did, and even then it wasn’t until after he had become really candid about his struggle with mental illness.

Larcombe was the perfect author for this because of his unique insight as a Royal reporter who had to navigate the balance between giving facts to the public and the privacy of Royals living their lives. He had to deal with the Palace, the Royal guards, his superiors, and the Royals themselves. I thought he had a great way of showing who Prince Harry was, and who other people were. I felt like I got great insight on Prince William, Prince Harry, and their relationship.

I loved how this book was presented, too. It didn’t just start at the beginning of Harry’s life. It didn’t even talk much about his mother, Princess Diana. Larcombe jumped right into the story in the middle of Harry’s life, backtracking when needed to explain something important before going right back. Perhaps that’s from his career as a journalist, but I really loved the presentation.

There was no real filler. There was no futzing around. There was no getting off the subject of the book. (All those things are huge pet peeves for me with nonfiction.)

The book didn’t always thrill me, hence the four stars, but I really loved this. If you want to know more about Prince Harry or just read a really chill book, I recommend it!

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Do you love Prince Harry like so many others?
Who’s your favorite Royal?

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