Book review – In the Night Wood by Dale Bailey

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In the Night Wood

Thanks to Edelweiss for an ARC in exchange for an honest review! This will be published October 9th.

1/5 – DNF at 47%

CW: child death

Wow, I’m not having good luck with the spooky reads, am I?

I swore I would like this. A man who loses a daughter, going to England to live in the house of a man he’s writing a biography of. His wife is some sort of distant relative and they go together, hoping to put away the past. But, as what happens, the past keeps coming back.

Charles and Erin were rather bland characters. I understand that grieving characters don’t always have the most interesting things going on, but I feel like this book didn’t capitalize on the setting. Creepy forest? An author who wrote a creepy children’s book?

There was just no pay-off or anything resembling bringing it in within half the book. There were odd things going on, but it felt like this story focuses on the aftermath of losing a child. That means it reminded me more ofΒ The Child in Time by Ian McEwanΒ than a creepy fantasy book. There were no fantasy elements to it. There was just a creepy setting that wasn’t used.

I love pieces about grief and losing a child. I rated McEwan’s book five stars because he did it so well. However, this book isn’t being marketed in a way that I agree with. It has a creepy setting and odd coincidences, but they’re never brought in and fleshed out by halfway through the book. It was all about Charles and Erin grieving the death of a child that is never quite explained.

Another atmospheric, “spooky” book that just fell through by taking too much time getting to the point for me to be bothered to find out if it would pay-off.

Talk to me!
Will I ever find a good atmospheric, spooky read? This is the real question.

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