Book review – The Book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir

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The Book of Essie


TW: child sexual assault and mentions of homophobia and racism

What can I say? I really liked this book. While it was a bit slower than I wanted and it didn’t tie up how I might have liked, I still really liked it. Why? Because I love religious reality TV shows.

Sister Wives is a “guilty” pleasure show for me. Hell, I feel no guilt about watching and enjoying it. The Browns are genuinely good people who have issues like any other family. They’re just multiplied by having 18 children and four wives.

But, this book was not Sister Wives. It was fresh out of the Duggar hell.

I wasn’t surprised by most of the book, just because I kind of got what was going on early into the book. It wasn’t that shocking since I could see where it was coming from, yet it was still good and I wondered where it was going.

The characters are fantastic. Essie and Roarke are amazing people who are genuinely sweet and kind and everything I wanted from them. Their story was great. It tied in perfectly and I yearned for their chapters.

Yet, I felt that Liberty’s chapters were largely unneeded. Sure, she drove it forward. She was the adult who could get things done. But I never felt that she was needed as a whole. Her backstory didn’t interest me. I found the whole thing meandering and took away from the story as a whole. It never tied in properly, although I could see what Weir was trying to do with it.

The ending also felt a little lackluster. I wanted more from it. I wanted something solid. I didn’t want something that tapered off into nothingness like I got. It would have been better, for me, if it ended right at the reveal.

Despite those issues, I still really enjoyed the book.

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