Book review: Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart

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Little Broken Things

1/5 – DNF at 57%

This book comes down to not working for me. Again, no trigger warnings because I didn’t find any while I was reading. A lot was hinted at and I could have made some guesses, but eh.

The story focuses on four women, all of them related in some way. Which would have made for a really good domestic suspense thriller. Quinn, Nora, Liz, and Tiffany. I would count the girl, Everlee/Lucy, but she didn’t play a huge role besides being a background character.

Quinn and Nora are sisters. Not very close sisters. One day, Nora shows up with a little girl who needs to stay hidden. And then she leaves. Liz is Quinn and Nora’s mother. She’s an oddball and an interesting piece of work. Tiffany… I didn’t really place her since, like Everlee/Lucy, she was more of a side character in what I read.

But beyond characters that are on the page and are pretty good, there wasn’t a plot. It felt like every chapter inched closer but didn’t get as close as was needed to the Mystery. (Yes, mystery with a capital M.) The Mystery was this huge thing that didn’t seem to be a thing at all. Who are Everlee/Lucy’s parents? What’s going on? Why does she have to stay hidden? Those types of mysteries.

The characters could have been so much more interesting — and I would have read the shit out of the book if the story was told from Liz’s perspective because she was so compelling and fun to read, even if she was horrible — if there was something going on. From my perspective, it felt like they putzed around on the page.

Simply put, I couldn’t get into the story and characters. Even while writing this review and looking at what other people said on Goodreads, I ran into a MAJOR spoiler about the story and all I did was go “hm”. That’s it. Nothing compelled me to say, “Well nowย Iย have to see how we get there.” (For those planning on reading this book, the spoiler is the answer to the very first question about the book about who is the parent of the child. It’s completely unmarked. Just a warning to you all!)

And that basically describes the book for me. I didn’t feel drawn to it and couldn’t get into what was happening since it felt like a whole lot of nothing.

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