Book review: Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

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Dance of Thieves (Dance of Thieves, #1)

Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copy!

1/5 – DNF at 41%

I think the first thing you’ll notice is the lack of trigger warnings at the start of this. That’s because, despite getting nearly 50% into this book, I had no clue what was going on and what the importance of it was.

Now, I didn’t read Pearson’s Remnant series. I think that bit me in the ass with this one. It felt like I was missing something important. Like there was something that happened that I didn’t know about. Basically, it felt like my reaction to Six of Crows.

Bardugo isn’t my author. Her Grisha trilogy didn’t work for me, then Six of Crows was annoying because the world was already developed and familiar to her many fans. So it wasn’t explained to us newbies. At least, I didn’t feel that way.

And, much like that book as well, it didn’t seem to have a plot? I couldn’t exactly tell you what the plot was. Just that these two rivals (? maybe??) who get into a bad situation and make the best of it. With a lot of random lust and feelings and things that just didn’t feel right.

For me, it felt like a half-finished book. It has an interesting idea. The writing is fantastic. I could have finished it and given a review that probably sounded a lot like this, but more information since I would have finished it.

But did I care about the plot that may or may not have been there or the characters who didn’t stand out to me very much or the world that was a mystery to me? Not really. So, a big old DNF. I think that if you’ve read the Remnant series, you’ll really like this! However, I didn’t read it. If I had, I probably would have enjoyed this. Maybe one day I’ll update this review if I decide to read the previous series and give it a glowing review.

Talk to me!
Should I give Pearson’s other series a try?
What do you think of it if you’ve read it?

11 thoughts on “Book review: Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

    • I didn’t mind her writing style, but it also didn’t stand out to me if that makes sense. I’m glad to see that I’m not exactly an outlier on my opinion of SoC, at least!

      Thank you, though, and I’ll have to see how I feel since the other series sounds like The Grisha trilogy to me (which I couldn’t get into).

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  1. Ah, she didn’t explain what happened. That’s a bummer. The Remnant Chronicles is okay. I loved them initially but the more I think about it, I realize the books were just okay. The last book was kind of bad. Idk. I’m not sure you’d like it lol.

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    • Yeah, it was basically like I was dumped into this intricate world that wasn’t being explained to me and I didn’t understand any of the driving forces that were probably in the undercurrent.

      Tbh, I probably wouldn’t. I remember when it came out and I thought “meh” about it, then I never heard about it again.

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  2. It’s a shame you didn’t like this one. It’s really weird that there was so little world development just because there are other books about the same world. And I didn’t know that about Six of Crows; I think I’ll stay away from these two in that case. Thanks for sharing.

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