Cast a Cold Eye by Alan Ryan

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Cast a Cold Eye

1/5 – DNF at 77%

I really wanted to like this book. I love me some atmospheric horror stories set in a quiet setting. Love it. My favorite horror stories take place in suburbia, honestly. So, with this book taking place in a very, very small Irish town, from the perspective of an outsider, I thought it would be fantastic to read curled up in bed with a glass of red wine.

I was wrong.

It was just boring. I got 77% into the book and nothing had happened. Things had gone on, but I wouldn’t call it weird or interesting. Literally, nothing had gone on. I didn’t even know what strange thing was happening there.

What the book focused on, for me, was Jack Quinlan’s, the main character, relationship with this girl he met at a bookshop. It felt like it was more about them than anything else. I didn’t want to read about him thinking about her or her talking about being a “good Irish girl” or the will-they-won’t-they scenario.

Sure, there were some weird things going on. Odd visions that Jack had while living alone in a strange country (because he’s an American) and the town people taking part in some different tradition with the old who are dying.

But nothing happened. Nothing was explained. Nothing was even that weird.

It just fell apart for me. I found myself not wanting to read it and when I tried to, I’d space out because nothing was going on. So, while this might have been good, it just was one of the dullest horror books I’ve tried to read.

13 thoughts on “Cast a Cold Eye by Alan Ryan

  1. Your review reminded me of Paranormal Activity lol. Nothing happens until the last 5 minutes. And everything before that is just plain boring. Maybe the book was going for that eerie sense of anticipation but completely missed the mark?

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