The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch

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The Gone World

1/5 – DNF at 67%

The biggest thing I didn’t like about this book was that I found it odd and confusing. I got this from Nocturnal Reader’s Box and when I read the description, I didn’t quite understand it. I thought I would understand it more when I read it.

Boy, was I wrong.

It was incredibly confusing. Every single time I thought I had the world down, something new was mentioned and introduced without being entirely explained. I don’t mind being dumped into a world I’m not familiar with. Sometimes, I like it. I like having to work at a book to understand it.

But my takeaway from this one was that it wasn’t plotted out very well, that the world wasn’t very planned. I tried so hard to understand it, but things kept changing and not making sense no matter how much I tried.

I did like the characters, though. I found Shannon Moss, the main character, interesting. I wanted to know more about her and her job and her experiences. Sadly, I never felt like I understood her. It was a shame because she was a solid character, the one unchanging thing in a sea of changes. Perhaps that was Sweterlitsch’s point, but I couldn’t handle the changes when things didn’t make sense to me.

Another annoyance I had was the POV changes. Some parts were first person, some were third person. Personally, I don’t like first person. I like third person best. All of the parts were focused on Shannon as the one telling it, but I just hated the switches. It took me out of the book because it made no sense why Sweterlitsch was changing it. There was never any rhyme or reason to it.

Sadly, this book is one that has a very interesting premise. It’s part murder mystery, part sci-fi, part horror. But none of the parts added up together. The murder mystery felt solved (or somewhat so) at the end of every part, just for it to open up again at the beginning of the next with things unfinished. It didn’t help that the sci-fi part didn’t feel developed enough, so the time travel part just never worked for me.

I think this is a good book for people who don’t mind a book feeling somewhat unfinished. Of course, I didn’t finish the book so it might have wrapped up well, but I didn’t care about getting there. When I find myself dreading picking up a book, that’s when I know it’s time to stop even trying to read it.

Talk to me!What’s your favorite time travel book?

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