Running With Lions by Julian Winters

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Running With Lions

2/5 – DNF at 69%

This book isn’t my usual read. I picked it up because I saw glowing things about it, then it had tons of rep, and it was on sale.

But, as I said, it’s not my usual read. I don’t just pick up YA unless I know for sure it’s going to be my cup of tea. (Which is why I turn to Chantel for recommendations. She knows my taste and reads YA. I trust her with them.)

I gave this two stars because it is an okay book, just not for me. I DNFed it because I didn’t want to force myself to read it and ruin the rest of my reads for this month. This book is a good book, just not for me.

For me, my decision to DNF this came down to three different factors that really feed into one another.

First, there was no other plot to this book besides romance. Romance is good and fine. I like it when I’m in the mood. But, I wanted something more. There was no plot driving the story forward, no way to make it interesting for me.

Second, the pacing was weird. Really weird. It just felt too slow at some points and too fast at others. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Mainly, it dragged. It felt like all of it dragged along. Then, the romance just came too fast. I was supposed to believe they went from enemies (and not really enemies, just ex-friends who fell out and didn’t talk anymore) to lovers. But they had no chemistry. I wasn’t rooting for them to get together.

Which leads me to point three.

I didn’t think any of the characters were interesting. There were no characters — and there was quite a large cast of characters — that interested me. I can’t even tell you their names. I kept forgetting the MC’s name, let alone all of these teammates.

All of that being said, it’s not a terrible book. I think that it has an audience, but I am not that audience at all.

Talk to me!

What did you think of this book if you’ve read it?
Have you ever read a book where you had the same feelings that I do about this one?

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