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Another month, another TBR. I’m really trying to feature LGBT books this month because, hey, it’s Pride (!!!) but I have a whole lot of books that aren’t related to that. It’s an ambitious list, I know. What about me isn’t ambitious, though?

Let’s jump into it!


ARC – July 10, 2018 from Berkley Books.
Basically, I started in on this one early because it’s kind of long… and it’s not that great. I DNFed it. But, technically, it was still a part of my TBR so

ARC – July 17, 2018 from St Martin’s Press.
I requested this a while ago and it sounds like such a great thriller. Probably a great summer thriller. I’m very excited to have a chance to read this!

ARC – July 17, 2018 from Shambhala Publications.
Another one that I’m excited to read because it’s going to be a great book that explains the core teachings of Buddhism. And the Dalai Lama is doing the explaining. Sure, he might take a specific angle to his explanations, but I’m still excited. I’d love to have a book to recommend that cuts to the chase.

ARC – July 24, 2018 from Quercus.
Another great summer thriller from the looks of it. While it was already published under a different name in 2001, I’m still hoping that it thrills me and makes things super interesting.


This is my first read for Pride Month! Technically, I already finished it as well. I should try harder to get these out before I finish books, shouldn’t I? But. The review will be up in a couple of days so keep an eye out for it. It’s an unpopular opinion one.

I read this book way back in high school, around when I was in tenth grade. It was extremely important to me then. While I doubt my opinion will stay the same, I still really want to reread this one.

I own the whole series on my Kindle so I thought “why not?” This is a classic novel that reminds me a whole lot of The Song of Achilles in some ways. But, it seems like a longer book so it might extend past Pride.

I’ve owned this book for ages. And I’m finally going to read it this month. In some ways, it reminds me of Middlesex (another book I own but haven’t read yet) but it also looks very good.

With Chantel

The story that goes with this book is going to come out (pun unintended) later. We decided when we redid our reading list that we wanted to read it. I can’t wait to read it to see how much matches up with my life.

We decided to extend this one (because the book is long) into this month, but just another continuation of our reread! We also should have our review of Prisoner of Azkaban out this month.


Because it’s Ramadan, I wanted to read the Quran for the first time. Literally never read it even though I’ve read and listened to some sections before since I was very interested in religious studies.

I’ve had this on my TBR for sooooo long. And I’m finally getting it done this month.

Again, continuing reading this read. It’s a long one. I feel like I’ve barely made a dent and I’m around 600 pages into it.

Another reread for me! One of my childhood favorites, actually. And one that I really adore with all of my heart. I’m so excited to be reading this again.

I got this book from The Nocturnal Reader’s Box a few months back. Well, I like the movie of The Ring. But I couldn’t stand the book. So I don’t know if I have high hopes for this book but I’m going to read it since it doesn’t have anything to do with the past books. Basically a stand-alone in the same universe.

This is another book from a different book box. When I got it, I was kind of excited for it. But I want to read this to see how I like it!

Talk to me!

Do any of the books sound interesting to you? What suggestions do you have for me to add to my Pride reading?

4 thoughts on “June TBR

    • I’ve been meaning to read it for ages. I’m not entirely sure how accurate it is either (I need to read more own voices or nonfiction on it) but maybe I’ll squeeze it in if I can! Thanks for your comment and book rec!!

      – Caidyn

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  1. omg i’m just now seeing/noticing your blog redesign (i’ve been unfocused for a while/decades/years/my whole life) IT LOOKS SO GOOD WOW. i hope both of your junes are fantastic!

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