Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff



TW: death, PTSD, and war

I’m done. I finished it. I finished this series, one that I was stubborn about reading because I’m not a YA fan. But, in about three weeks, I finished this whole series.

First, the characters. Asha Grant was great because she was normal. She wasn’t like Kady or Ella, who were epic hackers. She wasn’t like Hanna, an epic fighter. She was normal. She was an everyday person put in a shitty situation and trying to find a way to survive. I could get behind that. I really could. While she wasn’t my favorite, I appreciated there being someone who was normaler than the rest of the lot.

But Rhys. Rhys Lindstrom. He was a lot like Ezra and Nik. Not a bad thing since I liked them, but I had hoped for a bit more from the series. All the characters were really alike to me. Rhys was interesting since he was from BeiTech, though. That made him interesting since he’s supposed to be our enemy.

Too bad the romance (I wasn’t surprised) between Asha and Rhys fell flat and dull and I was tired. I was tired of relationships in the series. I think that if it had been a queer relationship I would have been down for it, but it was straight and it just didn’t work for me since it was like everyone else. Every book had a romance, a romance that was inherently unneeded for the plot.

So, the plot. It was there and it felt stretched thin at times because it was covering so many different areas. That meant I didn’t get a lot of time with Asha and Rhys because the book was busy covering the lot on the Mao. This impacted the characters since I never felt like I got to meet and know the new ones while I had 600+ pages with the others.

And then the ending. Didn’t go out with a bang, did it? I expected (based on the screaming and crying gifs in other reviews) to find my soul destroyed and in a bleeding, sobbing corner.

I wasn’t.

I teared up twice and got emotional a few times.

What I said in my review ofΒ Gemina stands. You gotta have balls and kill some people that you don’t want to kill off to make it a bit better. While the plot didn’t suffer from the same issues as the second book, it still wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

So, some parting words. A very solid series that suffers from a lot of the same issues that other series do. I’d recommend this series with the caveat that it’s not perfect and I had wanted more emotional impact/attachment.

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