I’m going to try this again. I’m really bad at TBRs since I’m a huge mood reader. And that is why this TBR is so long. I have no intention to read all of these books. I just want to have a rough idea of what I’m going to try to read this month.


Technically I’ve already DNFed this book! But it’s still a part of my TBR since I did need to read it this month as it comes out on the 22nd.

Sadly, another DNF for me. There’s not going to be a review on here but I linked you to a very short GR review I wrote.

Hopefully, I won’t DNF all of my ARCs this month! But, anyways, Chantel and I were going to read this together last month but things came up and it didn’t happen. I’m literally all for gay lady pirates so let’s do this!

Asian/Pacific Heritage Month

I had no clue until Melanie’s TBR that it was Asian/Pacific Heritage month. Funny enough, I have a ton of books that fit this so I thought that I’d join in and do some great reading!

I’m actually buddy reading this with Melanie, something that makes me super excited about! I love my buddy reads, that’s for sure. And this one looks really good. I got it from Book of the Month in March and it’s been sitting around since then.

This is another one I got in March from Book of the Month! It’s set in Japan and has a murder in it and is written by an Indonesian-born Singaporean. Sounds right up my alley right there.

I have a friend that goes to UCLA and they sent me the book that incoming freshmen got this year. There were extra copies and anyone who wanted one at the campus could get one. And they sent me it for my birthday/surgery/graduation present. I’m looking forward to reading it!

I got a Kindle copy of this ages ago. Like when GR was doing a thing and had the option to get a free copy. So, yeah. Why not get it?


And, here are some other books that I’d like to read this month, whether I’m finishing them up, had them on my TBR for a while, or they’re buddy reads for this month unrelated to other things.

I’ve been reading this for ages. And now I’m going to finish it up. Technically, I’ve already DNFed it and the review will be out eventually.

Same as the above one. I’ve been reading it forever, finishing it up, going is slow.

I got this series from the library. Nearly finished it last month, so I’m going to finish it this month! The review will actually be up very shortly for this since I finished this yesterday.

I mean, since I have the whole series, why stop at Gemina? Might as well finish up the whole series!

Another book that’s been on my TBR for way too long. I bought a copy last month so I’m going to read it.

I got this as my April BotM choice! And I have to read it! Because Chantel and I loved The Song of Achilles. Probably my favorite book that we read together last year tbh. We’re also (happily) reading this together!

And, added bonus, enjoy the love we show each other with our books.

This is a reread for me! I love this book and have since I was in eighth grade. And I haven’t read it in a while. Of course, I remember the ending, but I don’t care. I enjoy every second of it.

My mom got me this book for my birthday. I’m hoping to get my first practicum for field education at a hospice, so I think that it would be important reading for me. Just to keep in mind for my future work and in general.

Another reread and this time it’s with Chantel! We’re working through our Harry Potter Reread and this is the book for this month.

So, those are my May plans. Lots and lots of books. I doubt I’ll get through all of them!

Talk to me!

What are you all planning on reading? Do any of the books I’m reading look good? Would you want to buddy read any of them?

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