Podcast review: Casefile

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This is an amazing podcast. It takes cases that you may or may not have heard of and tells them. Each episode has a bibliography that you can access free of charge through their website (which you can access by clicking the picture).

So, let me get into this. I found this after coming down from the horrible disappointment that was Serial Killers by Parcast. I was craving true crime, true crime that came without a bias to it and just presented the facts to me.

This hit the spot.

The host is anonymous (literally if you look it up, that’s what it says, and he is definitely Australian. So, you get that lovely accent reading these cases to you. Then, the cases aren’t ones that you’ve heard of. Many of them are foreign, usually Australian or from around Australia. It was refreshing to not hear so many American-centric crimes for once in my life. It was nice to hear about other parts of the world.

For me, the level of research that goes into every single episode is very apparent. I could tell that they knew the ins and outs of the case that they were presenting. Everything was presented well in every episode. Of course, there are stand out episodes that I have to mention.

Their three-part series about the Silk Road was absolutely fascinating. I had never heard of it and I was left wanting more, even though they covered every detail that they could. Another series of episodes, this time five parts, was the East Area Rapist/Original Nightstalker. Five parts, each over an hour long. The Moors Murders (three parts) was also an amazing series. There was an episode on the Catholic Mafia, as well.

Literally, as I scroll through the episode list, more and more stand out to me that I remember being amazing. That’s how good they are. Every episode is stunning and eye-opening in its own way. Before every episode, there’s a disclaimer to state that this deals with mature content (sometimes briefly saying what the content is if it’s a common trigger) and then directs you to the show notes if you need to talk to a crisis center.

All in all, a very good podcast that I would recommend to anyone interested in true crime.

5 thoughts on “Podcast review: Casefile

  1. I’ve listened to a few of these, I love it too! I haven’t listened to his East Area Rapist ones yet but I think everything I’ve watched, heard or read on that story adds something new to it. I like that he digs up some you’ve never heard of before too. I somehow didn’t realize there was a bibliography on the site, thanks for sharing that!

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    • I’m glad someone else likes them!! I tried a few true crime ones and they weren’t good. Too much bias and judgment calls for me, especially of psychology when the people have no training in it. I haven’t looked at their biblio myself but it’s available. Makes me find the team even better.

      – Caidyn

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      • I’m so glad that you liked it! I can’t imagine how much time it took to vet the sources, map everything out, and then find a non-confusing way to present it since the crimes were all so alike.

        – Caidyn


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