And Then There Were Four by Nancy Werlin

And Then There Were Four


1/5 – DNF at 32%

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Me @ this book


In short: Agatha Christie wannabe. Shitty plot, shitty characters, shitty editing.

But, I have to put a longer review. Mainly because this was supposed to be a buddy read with Emma. Too bad this book sucked.

I wish I was joking. Emma gave me three choices. Illuminae (a book I DNFed… but might try again one day), The Call, and this one. I thought this one would be the best because 1) I’ve read a few of Werlin’s books and enjoyed them, and 2) I love the book she stole the title from.

But it sucked.

The characters were just bad. Sure, they ticked diversity boxes — a gay character, a POC character, a disabled character, mental illness rep, etc — but they were written so badly that I couldn’t do it.

This book had two POVs, Caleb and Saralinda. Caleb is the mental illness rep and Saralinda is the disability rep. But Saralinda is written so badly that I wanted to die. Sure, the way she talks (aka how she’s written) shows how sheltered she’s been, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. She’s a childish character and it was unbelievable that she was supposed to be that age.

Caleb, I could stomach more. Until they started using DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder; formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) as a fun and interesting way to make a twist. And also play on the stereotypes of the disorder.


And then the plot is just a knock-off. I mean, if you’ve read And Then There Were None then you know it. Kind of. This one has five kids and, from what I read, one “murder” that I’d call accidental death at the moment since I didn’t get past it. Yes, over 30% and there was only one murder. Fucking lame.

And I was pretty sure the rest was them speculating about their parents and other odd things happening. Aka, no extra murders. That’s so lame. How dare Werlin take Agatha Christie’s name like this?

This was a lame book. It was badly edited because it was ten times too long. There were whole chapters that added nothing to the story that could have been edited out. I expected more of this book and I’m disappointed by it.


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