Eden by Candice Fox

Eden (Archer & Bennett, #2)



My review of the first book in the series!

When I read this book the first time, I left a gushing review about how much I loved it. Luckily, that didn’t change with the reread! And, taking a quote from my own review: Candice Fox is a master of storylines.

It follows, roughly, the same pattern of the first book. There’s a plot from the past that links to now, this one following Hades’ upbringing in crime. It, of course, links to now. Then there’s the POV of Eden, set in the present as she goes undercover to solve cases. Frank has his own POV. Then there’s another towards the end that leaves the whole book at a cliffhanger.

And Fox juggles all of those POVs perfectly, finding ways to link them in. Hades and his past unfolding, Eden showing yet another facet of herself and how fucking BA she is (I love this woman and I barely know her), Frank recovering and “healing”, and the introduction of something finally getting done about Eden’s past… more than in the last book.

Usually, with something like that, I would feel that the book was way too busy and random and it just wouldn’t work. However, this completely worked. Each storyline I found myself interested and getting drawn in, even when they weren’t connected to the case as a whole.

Then, you have fantastic characters that you get attached to so easily. Frank is one of those everyman characters with a past (and a present). Eden is a secret wrapped in an enigma that becomes more and more interesting. I can’t wait to see where the third book goes. Hades becomes more interesting as we find out more about him, all of those layers peeling away.

I highly recommend this series to mystery fans. It’s enthralling and not at all what you’re expecting when you open up the first book, or even the second book, for the first time. This one was just as interesting as the first, perhaps more so because there weren’t any main characters introduced, just further developed on.

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