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Wow, it seems like we’ve been at this forever, hasn’t it? Just watching the show and reviewing it a few episodes at a time. But, we’re finally done! So, let’s hop into it.

Chantel will be in purple.

Caidyn will be in blue.

Hang the DJ

So, I’ve noticed that my favorite episodes (with one exception) are ones that have to do with two people who are in love/falling in love. This episode is one of my absolute favorites and if you don’t watch any other episode, I’d highly recommend this one…and “San Junipero”.

And “Be Right Back”, too. I’d add that one since those are the “fluffier” episodes.

At least, the ones that don’t have some insanely bad/creepy/gross twist at the end that makes you question life itself.

Yes, “Be Right Back”, “San Junipero”, and “Hang the DJ” are all “happy” episodes. About as happy as Black Mirror can be. So if you are a sucker for great love stories then you should check out those three. They are unconventional and different which is what I love so much about them.

However, we are talking about “Hang the DJ”. The premise of this episode is that you are set up with another person based on compatibility and then there is a time limit put on your relationship. Whether it’s 12 hours or 5 years, you know when your relationship with the person you are with will end.

And, you can’t leave the relationship. Once the length has been determined — which is done by the oh so practical idea of if you touch the device at the same time — you’re in it for the long haul. You can’t leave it early. You can’t insist on staying with it. Nope. You’re there for that period then you leave and you move on to the next person. Finally, you’re given a person, without knowing who they are, that is your one and only. And you have to take them, marry them, and move on. No matter what.

It basically goes from something kind of cute and sweet — like a step up from the dating apps available now — to something dystopian where you’re made to be in relationships with people you don’t like and marry a stranger.

There is definitely a point where the episode has a bit of a dark turn, but only in the sense of the world. They aren’t given a choice who they want to be with and as a result, one character gets stuck with someone who is awful, and the other character is constantly set up with person after person until she stops feeling. It’s not dating anymore, but more like a chore. Despite the somewhat dark implications of this system, the episode has a lot of comedy to it and I think I speak for both of us when I say that we adored the two main characters. If there’s one thing Black Mirror does right, it’s creating characters that are interesting and getting the audience invested in relationships when all we have is about an hour of time with them.

Frank and Amy. I mean, how cute are those names?? So cute. But, we typically judge an episode based on how much we chatter while watching it. With this one, we weren’t shutting up. I mean, imagine us in the same room trying to watch it. We wouldn’t have absorbed a damn thing.

What it comes down to is that this was a cute episode and it was done well. It didn’t feel like I was being beaten over the head by fluff because there was enough drama going on that drove the episode. It was just really sweet and I loved the ending. It was really brilliant what they did with a twist (not dark) that didn’t feel sprung on me and fit the episode well.

We would’ve had to watch it again because we would’ve missed everything if we had been watching it in person.

I do agree, this was so sweet and took some unexpected turns but as a whole, I think this was one of the best-written episodes of the series and that’s saying something.


So, I actually liked this episode too, but it’s very creepy and very horror movie like. It’s actually a very simple premise with minimal actors and minimal dialogue. What I liked about it was it didn’t give you any information about the world these characters lived in. It looked very post-apocalyptic with the population having dwindled significantly and then there is this robotic dog. You guys, this dog is fucking creepy. It moves very weirdly and very quickly and the main character is on the run from this robot dog who wants to kill her. It’s very unsettling.

For reference, this is the “dog”:

dog from metalhead.jpg

It is insane. And, it also felt like a classic horror movie. I’d compare it to Psycho. As Chantel said, there’s not a lot of context given, just that something’s wrong with the world and that there are these insane dogs.

I loved the classic feel to it. It was in black and white, then there was the lack of dialogue and very few characters. Add in great background music that filled the place of the dialogue — kind of like in “Fifteen Million Merits” — and you had something that put me on edge the whole time, all while I was expecting to be bored by it.

But, the ending. We didn’t talk much about the ending. I was on the fence about it. It felt like a gut punch but I would have liked more hints throughout.

I do think that this was a very interesting episode and yes, the music kept me thinking that someone was going to die. Also, I can’t tell you how many times we chastised the main character for making stupid ass decisions. I will say that while I was entertained by the episode and appreciated the lack of background information, there was something that didn’t quite click with me. Perhaps it was that I wasn’t rooting for the main character and didn’t have someone to get invested in, but I don’t know if that was me or just the episode itself.

Yeah, I agree that there was some slight disconnect for me. It was a very good episode, but, still, it lacked some great oomph. It’s not a bad episode at all and I was impressed by it, just that I think there could have been a little more.

Black Museum

Alright, this episode was fantastic. I loved it, not as much as “Hang the DJ”, but it had a lot going for it. For instance, it followed the same format of “White Christmas” in that it was one person talking about their career in technology and showing off different parts of technology. I think that format works really well when it comes to introducing us to different technologies and the episode started out almost funny (in a dark way), we soon find that things are a lot more sinister than we are led to believe.

It was funny because it was campy. I thought the acting in the flashbacks was hilarious. Like, I kept laughing, even though I got a campy horror movie vibe from it. And, when I say campy, I mean the B-rated horror movies. More in the vein of Dark Ride, which has the campy feel to it while also being pretty tense.

There’s not a lot I can say without feeling I’m going to get into spoiler territory for this. Just that I really enjoyed it and it almost overtook my love of “Hang the DJ”. It was a very close second and more like a tie in the end. But, this was a fun episode from start to finish.

I don’t know if I got the camp, necessarily, but that being said there were certain scenes that were absolutely ridiculous they were funny. And yet, like most Black Mirror episodes, there’s far more to it than meets the eye. Like “Hang the DJ”, it does things that are so unexpected and yet amazing. Again, I don’t want to get into spoilers either, but if I wasn’t such a sap this would’ve been my favorite episode out of the second part. It was definitely my second favorite out of this season, which unfortunately had a few duds. None of these episodes were duds for me.

Our rankings

Chantel’s rankings

  1. Hang the DJ
  2. Black Museum
  3. Metalhead

Mine are the same!

There is only one correct ranking. Though, I wouldn’t blame someone if they liked “Black Museum” more.

And I’m the cocky one. Neither would I, though. I think it’s because we’re suckers for romance at times.

The romantic episodes are my favorites.

I know. And I like the creepy ones usually.

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