Caidyn has an announcement


I’ve had this draft around here for months. And I’ve sat on it until today.

Basically, in March, I’m going to be absent from here. I’m going to likely have things in drafts or maybe do little things. Right now, it’s all on the fence about what I’ll do. Chantel knows it, too.

But, why am I going to be gone? I’m sure those who are reading this are wondering.

I’m going to have a surgery.

I’m open on here about my gender, so most of you all know I’m a transman. In short, I’m having top-surgery. My surgeon told me that the whole thing’s going to be pretty minor, but I don’t know how my body will react.

So, I’ll be gone a lot in March. I know you all will miss me and my annoying ways. Maybe. Maybe you won’t miss me at all.

After March, I’ll be back like my old self, liking and annoying all of you!

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