Podcast review: Serial Killers by Parcast

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Much like with my review of Lore, I have a history of loving dark things. Serial killers are among them. Once upon a time, I wanted to be a criminal psychologist and perhaps a profiler. Those days are long gone. But, my interest in them still remains to an extreme.

However, this podcast… No. I wouldn’t do it.

For one, they’re speculating on the mental state of these serial killers without being trained in psychology. That’s not always a knock. There are people out there who know their shit about the topic without being trained. But when they’re relying on outdated beliefs and not using the correct definitions that anyone who was trained in the area would, it’s a problem.

Such as, psychopathy (a topic that most serial killers fit into) is not synonymous with sociopathy. Sorry guys. They kept using the words interchangeably.

Another point that pissed me off was the case of Donald Gaskins, which was actually the last one I listened to before I called it good and decided to be done with it. Gaskin was a serial killer who had a rough upbringing, much like most serial killers did. His mother was an alcoholic. His father was not around. His mother had a revolving door of boyfriends who abused him. His mother sexually abused him by making him watch her have sex with those boyfriends.

Yet, the hosts of this podcast had the gall to suggest that Gaskins was the way he was because he lacked a strong father figure. I’m sorry, but are you seriously suggesting that a lack of a father figure causes people to go and commit the horrendous crimes that he did? I’m friends with people who were raised by single parents and turned out amazing.

There were more comments like that where I found myself frowning and scratching my head because they were literally talking out of their asses about things they obviously were parroting. Not only that, but there was no bibliography — trust me, I searched around online — where you could follow the sources they used to see the faulty trail.

In short, if you love learning about serial killers and want to do so through a podcast, don’t choose this one. For all the things I agreed with, there were times where I was literally frowning because what they said was so wrong. And that makes everything they said suspect to me.

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