Book Subscription Readathon!

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OWLCRATE-A-THON READATHON ANNOUNCEMENT! 📚 It’s almost time for the second annual OwlCrate-a-Thon! This readathon will take place from February 10th-23rd this year. Mark it on your calendars! 📚 We created this readathon as a way for subscribers to read more of their OwlCrate books that are still on their TBRs! 📚 There’s a few easy challenges, just for fun. Read the OwlCrate book you’ve owned the longest. Read at least two different genres. Read two books within the two weeks. That’s it! We know you can do it! 📚 We’ll be hosting reading sprints on Twitter, as well as running a few giveaways. Stay tuned for more details! 📚 Even if you haven’t been a subscriber you can still participate! Take a look at the books we’ve sent out in the past and pick some up! 📚 If you want more info about the readathon check out our recent announcement video on YouTube! Hope to see lots of you awesome bookworms participating! Use the tag #owlcrateathon in any posts you make in regards to the event. We’d love to see what books you’re reading! 📚 Photo by @offaerietalesandbooks 📚 #owlcrate #bookstagram #bookmail #bookhaul #subscriptionbox

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Our idea is totally taken from Owlcrate, so we’re giving them the props. I (Caidyn) saw a post, sent a screenshot to Chantel, and thought it would be fun if we did this. I mean, we have book subscriptions. We don’t get to the books we get from them as much as we’d like. So why not make February our first month where we choose some great books from them and read them?

So, what will we read?

Caidyn will be in blue.
Chantel will be in purple.

I’m planning on reading four books, or at least trying to. As usual, I’m not going to pressure myself like crazy to read all four, but it’s a goal for me to try reading them.

I’m going to read:

I got this book from my first PageHabit box, a subscription I’m no longer getting now, so I thought it’d be nice to go ahead and read it since I’ve had it since August. No time like the present!

This was the first book I got from Book of the Month (BotM). Chantel and I talked about reading this together, but we weren’t too sure about it and didn’t get to it. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while but haven’t been able to carve out time. So, here we are!

This is another BotM book. Kind of a speculative dystopian world like The Power. Right up my alley and another one I’ve wanted to read for some time.

Finally, this is one I got from Nocturnal Reader, which is a box devoted to horror. Never heard of this book before it but it looks interesting. I’m planning on going into this one blind, which is always interesting.

I am not being too ambitious this month with my reading. It’s been five days into February and I haven’t picked up a book at all. I may or may not be in a reading slump. However, my goal for the subscription readathon is to read one book from Book of the Month and one from Owlcrate. 

I too am planning on reading The Power which was part of the first box I received from Book of the Month. I have quite a collection considering I’ve been getting three books for the last few months. I would like to start taking a crack at this mini-collection with The Power

This was the first book I received from Owlcrate and it was a book I hadn’t heard of before I got it. I am excited to finally get to it and see how I feel about it as it’s not a book I would normally read. In that way, I’m getting outside my lil queer bubble I love being in. 

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