In Honor of Blue


With a sad heart, I have to tell you that we lost our dog yesterday. He was unresponsive in the morning and was very out of it when he finally got going. So, we decided it was best to let him go rather than prolong it. He passed away at 14 years old and having lived 11 months with terminal cancer that should have taken him after a few.

He was a very sweet boy who always loved to sniff your head to check you out (and then snort in it if he felt like it). He loved his Daddy (my dad) and basically lived for him towards the end. Loved walks, begging for treats and love, and getting attention from us. Basically, a spoiled dog.

So, here’s to you, Blue. We love you and while I am sad that you’re gone, you’re in a very good place and with your sister again wherever that might be.

A great picture of both of them. Skye has her head on top of Blue’s.

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