The TBR Tag

Hello everyone! Now, we were not tagged in this at all. In fact, we have tags we have been tagged in that we still need to do. Oops! The reason we wanted to do this tag is to start off the year by looking at our TBRs. We will get back to doing the tags that we’ve been tagged in soon sorry Emma. Blame Chantel. She was insistent on doing this.

This tag was created by Rachel at A Perfection Called Books and Dana from Dana Square.

Caidyn will be in blue.
Chantel will be in purple.

1. How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

Uhm…. Like… Goodreads? Okay, but really, I list books on there that I want to read, forget about them, get random books from the library, and buy too many. Then I stick the books in random spots in my room that I’ll remember they’re unread and get to one day. It’s not really secretly efficient.

Goodreads definitely. I do have two shelves dedicated to books I own that are the top priority of my TBR, but Goodreads is the full comprehensive list. However, the list does need to be purged. 

2. Is your TBR mostly print or e-book?

A lot of both. I have quite a few books on my Kindle that I haven’t read and will one day, then I have a ton of physical books I haven’t read and need to. Sigh. This tag is already making me depressed about my life choices.

I’m pretty sure I have more physical copies than I do e-books, and normally I will choose print over e-book even if having an e-reader is a lot more convenient. 

3. How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next?

HA. When do I ever read my TBR?? But, really, I go with whatever I feel in the mood for next. I don’t read by themes too often.

There is no method to my madness. I have a list of books I want to read and I pick one. That’s pretty much it. 

4. A Book That’s Been On Your TBR List The Longest 

Since October 13, 2012, His Dark Materials has been on my TBR. Which is funny since I listened to these books with my parents on a road trip a long time ago.

Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger was the first book I added to my TBR on November 23, 2015. Maybe I should read that, considering I have a copy of the e-book. 

5. A Book You Recently Added To Your TBR

Seafire is the book I added last, which was mainly because I saw Chantel added it, looked at it, and decided it sounded pretty good.

OMG YAS SEAFIRE! I want it now! The last book I added to my TBR was A Book Called Cin by Cecil Wilde which I added because I want to read more romances with a trans main character. 

And I’ve added more since we did this. The last book I added, not under the influence of Chantel (oh whatever), was Swearing is Good for You. It looks interesting, some of the research cited is familiar to me. So, right up my fucking alley.

6. A Book In Your TBR Strictly Because Of Its Beautiful Cover

I don’t really add books based on covers…? Like, yeah, covers are great and all that, but if I don’t like the premise or description, a pretty cover isn’t going to make me read it.

The Queen of the Tearling. 100%. I’m in love with that cover. The book also sounds interesting too. 

7. A Book On Your TBR That You Never Plan on Reading

I have a whole shelf of this! They’re books I want to read and probably won’t. Usually, they’re added because of topics. I’m not a fan of reading about rape, so books that look good but I doubt I’ll read go there. Books about trans lives also go there if I’m iffy on if it’ll be complete angst and abuse. I also have a shelf for books I’m considering but still might read. There are more books on there than the former.

Okay, if I have a book on my TBR I don’t plan on reading then it shouldn’t be on my TBR. I do need to go through my TBR and weed through the rando books that got added because of a giveaway or a moment of temporary insanity. 

I’ve tried doing that and failed. It takes too much time and I’m lazy.

I didn’t say I would do it anytime soon.

8. An Unpublished Book On Your TBR That You’re Excited For

My Plain Jane and Dread Nation are the two that I’m really excited for. While I don’t plan on preordering them — one of my 2018 goals is to not buy as many books unless they’re from subscription boxes — I do want to read them.

The Unbinding of Mary Reade by Miriam McNamara because queer lady pirates. I’m announcing now, this is my new thing. I can’t wait. 

Yes, another one that you made me add. What a terrible influence. Broadening my interests and all that.

By terrible you mean amazing. 

Mhm. Yeah. Suuureeee.

9. A Book On Your TBR That Basically Everyone’s Read But You

Jesus, so many. So, so many. It’s kind of hilarious since I don’t read many new releases unless they’re Netgalley and usually nonfiction. But, I think everyone has read Six of Crows. Chantel and I are going to read it later this year, but everyone has read it but us. We’re way behind.

I’m going to go with Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Don’t worry, I’ll get to it. 


I DNFed that one.

That doesn’t matter. You have shitty book taste. 

Image result for bitch jesse gif
don’t you even start this one ho

breasts of rage

10. A Book On Your TBR That Everyone Recommends To You

Any YA book, tbh. Six of Crows, The Grisha trilogy, Raven Boys, Mistborn. Well, Mistborn isn’t YA, but it’s still a book that everyone seems to tell me to read.

I don’t often get recommendations, but when I do it’s usually Six of Crows. Everyone has read this book and most people love this book. Which scares me. 

We’ll have another Schwab incident.

I really hope not. 

11. A Book On Your TBR That You’re Dying To Read

I’m absolutely dying to read Insomnia by Stephen King, which is one of my Top 10 Books to read in 2018! I watched the movie a while ago, remember nothing, and own it. The story seems fascinating, and I know it ties into IT.

I was going to say Peter Darling by Austin Chant, but oh yeah I read it already. The next book I’m eager to read is Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. However, I am expecting Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire at my door sometime next week so I will drop everything to read that. Sorry not sorry. 

12. How many books are on your Goodreads TBR shelf? 

At the time of writing this, 2071. Yep. I’m not kidding. I’ve had so many years to build that up to where it is now and I’m so bad at reading them.

Right now, 460 which somehow doesn’t seem like enough. 

You’re better than me. For once. It’s also increased to 2082. Because of you.

Uhh, okay but queer lady pirates. You should thank me. 

Image result for jesse pinkman gif
This’ll be Chantel until I thank her.

Ahem, I’m still waiting. 

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