Bad Call by Stephen Wallfels

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2/5 – DNF at 48%

When I won this book through BookishFirst, I was a little hesitant. The blurb for it didn’t do it for me and I remember thinking that I was interested, but not entirely sure if I’d like it. That feeling basically stayed with me.

In short, three college-aged guys decide to get some weed from somewhere and find a way to fake everyone out about it so they don’t get in trouble. After all, they’re tennis players. Big deal athletes. Then, a high school girl gets invited by one of the guys, yet isn’t told that his friends are all men. And she lies to her family, gets her best friend roped into this plot, and goes.

And that’s it.

Literally, I was halfway through the book and that was all that had happened.

Nothing interesting and the pacing was so bad. There was no tension, no mystery, no real intrigue. It was written well and that was the saving grace that would have kept me reading, but I picked it up to read it today and realized how much I was dreading it. And so I decided to DNF rather than read the rest of the book.

It was easy to get into and well-written, but not interesting and easy to space out through for me. While someone else might love this book, I didn’t.

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