The End of the Affair by Graham Greene

The End of the Affair



My first review of 2018 (even though I finished it yesterday) and I hope this doesn’t set the tone. Basically, I took too long reading this book. And then read The Child in Time, which was a lot like this book yet completely different and far superior to this book in working with the presented themes.

While the former was about childhood, time, and grieving, this book was about religion and grieving. Both books had a very meditative tone to them. One of those books that could feel very pretentious and as if there’s something very *~genius~* happening that annoys the piss out of me.

And, for this, the themes just didn’t add up. I think there were too many storylines that Greene tried to tackle and it simply didn’t mesh together. There was the narrator’s journey, getting over the end of an affair with a woman he loved. The husband of that woman, finally discovering her unfaithfulness to him… yet not exactly in the way he pictured. The woman, trying to be authentic to herself. Then you get the minor characters having storylines. It was far too much and distracted from what I felt was the heart of the story: grieving and religion.

While it was beautifully written, it felt subpar when I had just finished a very meditative book. Plus, I had taken too long in reading this one that I couldn’t remember all the details I wish I had. Definitely a good book, just not the right timing for me in the end.

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