Blogging + College = ???: El Fin


Well. Here we are.

As of yesterday, I have finished my undergraduate degree. I have a BA in Psychology. In May, I’ll actually be getting my diploma and doing the whole walking thing. Which I sort of need to inquire about through my campus, so whatever. I’ll be graduating either magna cum laude or summa cum laude.


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Me @ me

I’ll sum up my finals week for you.

Tuesday @ 8AM: Went to my huge seminar final and presented my research proposal. Which was pretty dull, but whatever. Turned in my 20-page paper to him.

Tuesday @ 10:30AM: Went to my Europe in the High Middle Ages final. Wrote about five paragraphs for an essay question about the medieval worldview of people. My hand cramped so fast.


Thursday @ 8:30AM: Showed up to my women’s study final and found that my people in a group projectΒ did not finish the paper so I had to work my ass off to make sure it was done. My professor gave us holiday mugs. And then she and I talked about me coming in to do a presentation in the class.

Thursday @ 9AM: Went to the library to edit my final paper for my course on Judaism. Turned it in and got very, very emotional about it since it was, well, my last undergraduate paper.

After having my bit of emotional time in the corner of the library I was in, then walking to my car to drive home, I stopped off and got a ton of Thai food. I love Thai food.

I got Thai iced tea, spring rolls, Thai rangoon, beef grapow, and tofu red curry.

Between all of my finals stuff, I also had a job interview?? I mean, it went well. I was pleased with my performance with it. I won’t know if I get the job for a couple of weeks, so by the end of the year. Either way, I’m not that worried. If I get the job, I will be so damn happy. If not, I’m going to volunteer there to get some experience in the field now that I’ll have time.

So, I mean, what next? What is next for me, right?

If I get the job, I’ll start in my career. By March or April, I’ll hear about my grad school application and if I got accepted. There will be a bit more time for reading as well. Chantel and I obviously have a lot of plans for 2018.

But…. learning.

I love learning.

I constantly teach myself things. At the moment, I’m self-teaching myself Spanish, French, Italian, Welsh, ASL, and Latin. I’m thinking about adding German to my list as well.


Me @ the prospect of not being in school.


And, I’ve signed up through my local community college (where I actually went for a year after I graduated high school) for an Elementary Spanish I class. While I’ve been self -teaching myself Spanish for ages, I haven’t taken a class since I was a sophomore in high school. So six years since I was actually taught and had to speak and write it and all that.

If I get the job, though, I’ll drop the class and not pay for it or whatever so I’m automatically dropped. If not, I’ll totally take the class and keep on learning.

That’s my plan. Very, very variable depending on whether I get into my program or get a job. But, it’s a plan. Flexible so I can keep some wiggle room.

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