The Murders of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson

The Murders of Molly Southbourne



So, this is the first read I’ve completed for my Yule bingo! And, it wasn’t a bad start, either. I talked about this book in our last First Lines Friday, and if you guys read the opening lines, you’d see why it’s so interesting.

It held my attention the whole time, despite watching various movies or documentaries while I was reading. I was impressed by this book, too. It’s small, just over 100 pages, but packs a punch. I kept wondering what was going on as this unnamed narrator tells us the story of Molly Southbourne, her kidnapper.

Other than that, I can’t go into more detail. Since it’s so small things happen quickly and I’d end up spoiling everything.

There are a couple cons that I’d like to bring up for the book, though. Despite my interest, I felt rather detached from the action. It was sort of like watching a movie that really interests you, but you can’t exactly get into it and emotionally connect with the characters. Which isn’t a great thing because there are quite a few emotional events in the book. I just never connected. Maybe that was the point the author had with the style he chose, but it also made me wish I got attached to people.

Another con is the very sudden twist at the end. It wasn’t eased in at all, just suddenly there’s a bunch of information that explains Molly and how she is and all of that. It felt very sudden and like a load of info-dumping that made me more detached from the reveal.

Other than those two things, I highly recommend this book. It’s weird and freaky, but intriguing at the same time.

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