Poll Results!

Well, guys. Here we are. I’m announcing what we’ll be reading in 2018. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how many people filled out our survey. 37 people. We compiled everything in a Google doc that ended up at 20 pages with all the books and details on those books for our reference, suggestions we got, and the ratings. So, firstly, thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. We appreciate it so much.

The average rating for the blog was 4/5 stars. 10 people gave 3 stars, 10 people gave 4, and 13 gave 5 five stars. I’m going to say I gave this blog four stars when I filled it out, just because there were things we could do better. There’s always room for improvement.

So, what are we going to change with the blog in 2018? Based on what you guys told us what you’d like to see more, here’s what:

  • Book tags

50% of you said you wanted to see us do more of these. While they take us a long time to do, we will add more to our blog. Perhaps a bimonthly tag, so two per month in 2018. That’s not bad and a change we’ll take on.

  • Personal posts

35% said more personal posts. However, our lives aren’t that interesting. We still came up with a few areas. Chantel goes to Comic Cons, so she can write posts about those. We can also talk about what movies or TV shows we watch. In my house, we cook a big meal on Saturdays that I can take pictures of and post about. So, we have some things to talk about our lives more.

  • Reviews other than books

18% of people said they wanted to see other types of reviews. Not surprisingly, we will do these in joint reviews of movies and TV shows. We frequently watch things together, so whipping a joint review of it up isn’t bad. Then, we also thought about music or video game reviews. We both love music, so why not? Then, Chantel does play video games, so perhaps she can post about this, too. For those 21+ people, alcohol reviews might be a thing.

  • Tips for how to do things

21% of people wanted us to tell them how to do things. We don’t really know how to do unique things. But, we can talk about book subscriptions. Chantel can talk about writing since she does like writing. Then, I write about research and formal writing for school.

  • More Chantel

While the surveys were anonymous, I know Chantel was the first person to fill it out and it’s not rocket science to figure out she put this since it was in the response of the first person.

I know you guys could care less about what we’re adding and you can expect to see more of, so I’ll move onto the thing you guys want to know most about. What are we going to read together in 2018? Let me tell you, 18 of the 20 pages of that Google doc pertained to that information. You guys really gave us a lot of options to sort through, which was really nice.

Based on all those responses, we came up with a personal Top 12 for each of us, then decided on what we had in common and what we needed to sort out.

And, here are our 12 books:

Four people actually asked us to read this, so we did at least attempt to keep in mind what people really wanted us to read.

Both of us really enjoyed Le Guin, so we automatically saw her name and bumped it up. Last year, we read The Left Hand of Darkness and enjoyed it. Ignore the review. We were still figuring out how to do stuff and were trying to take this job seriously.

Another repeat from last year, actually. We loved reading Bonk together and I read Stiff by myself. Another time where we saw her name and agreed to read her without thinking.

Okay, this one was one of those where I didn’t want to read it and Chantel said she was going to read it eventually. Five people said they wanted to see us read it. I’ve tried avoiding it thanks to trying The Grisha trilogy, but I guess this year I’m not lucky.

With May’s read, you guys are probably wondering why we have two books listed. That’s because weren’t sure if we’d like Six of Crows and wanted some lee-way. Just in case we like that book, we’ll be reading Crooked Kingdom. If not, we’ll be reading Vicious. Three people mentioned this book in their recommendation and we have read Schwab before, although to a disastrous conclusion.

While this one didn’t get multiple votes, we decided that we liked the sound of this book and have chosen this for our June read.

For July, I was all for this book since I’ve seen so many positive reviews. Chantel gave a noncommittal “sure” but actually we put it as the same month so July it is.

This is a retelling of The Tempest, a book we read together, written by the same person who wrote another book we read together, The Handmaid’s Tale. We both talked about how we wanted to actually read the “series” of retellings that are being done and I’d like to give Atwood another chance, so here we are with this one.

Now, I wanted to read this since I saw it was getting hate for a white author writing about Mexican culture and I like drama. Then, Chantel gave another “sure” for this, and we both decided it was a good idea to give this a try.

I’ve had this book on my to-read list for years. I gave a solid yes, Chantel said sure. We decided, yet again, we should give this one a go since it’s kind of spooky looking for October. At least Chantel has some taste with “scary” books.

This book was a contentious choice for us since Chantel put it in her choice and I didn’t. (Which surprised Chantel, actually.) Either way, it looks like a good book and one that could be fun for us to read together.

We both gave this book a sure and decided that since it’s so popular, we can give it a good try, you know? Either we’ll hate it or love it. Either way you guys will be amused by our commentary. Plus the movie doesn’t look half bad.

So, that’s it! Those are the things you guys should look forward to in 2018 (and probably late 2017 as well) with our blog. Do you like what you see? Did we choose any of your books to read in 2018? Do you guys have any other suggestions or complaints or rates about us not choosing your car?

3 thoughts on “Poll Results!

  1. SIX OF CROWS IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE GRISHA TRILOGY. i dnfed grisha halfway through the 2nd but six of crows is amaze.

    also ready player one is a NEAR PERFECT BOOK and if you dislike it i may die

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve heard that Six of Crows is so much better and I look forward to it, but I understand Caidyn’s hesitation.

    I hope we like Ready Player One because I’ve heard mixed things, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m surprised I haven’t read it yet.



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