Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In by Bernie Sanders

Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In



Full disclosure: I wanted President Bernie. I was all for him as the president and I really wanted him. To this day, I’m convinced he would have made a perfect president and a better person to go against Trump. He was my favorite since he deviated so much, yet kept on the same track. And what he wanted actually had a plan. Maybe you guys disagree with me, which is fine, but that’s my personal bias going into this book.

I listened to this book while at work. My hourly job that is below the living wage, me clinging to benefits that I have and rarely use since I’m never given the opportunity. I mean, I’m Bernie’s target audience for this. 2016’s election was the first election I really was involved in. While I knew some things about both of Obama’s campaigns, they didn’t really matter to me. This one was the first election I was fully aware of. I knew the issues. I followed the campaign trail. This was the first election I could vote in.

However, I hadn’t been able to vote for Bernie because of Kansas law. To vote in the primaries here, you have to be registered under the party. I’m an independent because while I am a very strong liberal, I also have a few conservative views and I don’t want to assign myself to a party.

Or, that’s how I was before this book. Now, I’ve realized that both parties are corrupt and I need to be careful.

This book is really important. Not just for the Bernie supporters, but for people who just want to hear another view and is upset with the state of things right now. There’s something wrong. That’s what Bernie and Trump’s campaigns told us and perhaps why Hillary wasn’t elected. Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark and going with the status quo isn’t going to work. Even though Trump is the status quo and then some for the Republican party. I digress.

So, what is this review, really? It’s a jumble of thoughts about myself and how this book related to me. Not a deep analysis of the issues, even though I’d like to do that. Bernie’s message impacted so many people because we can see that there’s something wrong with how we live today in America. The rich are getting richer and the middle class is going away. I mean, he spoke to me and my worries.

My parents are using their retirement money on my undergrad. That’s so much money that they could have used for their actual retirement, but they invested it in me. Yes, they wanted to do it that way. I knew they would. But it still hurts me because I worry so much about how I’m going to take my degree and use it. Then, how am I going to pay them back to make sure they live good lives as they get older?

While perhaps you might not agree with some of the things he said, you can still hear that he genuinely cares about the way things are going in the United States and he wants to fix them in the way he thinks will work best. I don’t even agree with some things he talks about, but I agree on the key issues.

This book explained his thoughts in a way that was easy to understand. You could follow his line of reasoning in his own words, pulling from the most recent data that he could and showing exactly what he has done while in Congress. I highly recommend it no matter what party you come from (or neither party) so long as you feel upset about the way things are. Bernie offers great alternatives and things that you can think about.

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