The Grip of it by Jac Jemc

The Grip of It



The category I’d give this book is literary horror. I’ve never read a book exactly like it, but the closest I’ve ever gotten is with Beloved by Toni Morrison. That’s about a human haunting, much like this book. Both are heavy on literary and horror elements, without one ever canceling out the other and without it getting too philosophical to stomach.

Julie and James move from the city to the country/suburbs after having a marital stumble. There’s a weird next door neighbor, a weird house, and things start happening that can’t be explained. The mystery of the house becomes the mystery of the two of them, then the two become entwined and can they ever get out?

While perhaps my summary of the plot is lacking, it was probably one of the best horror books I’ve read this year. And it makes me so damn sad that this was the book in PageHabit’s horror box the month before I started getting it. I wish I had the book with all the author’s annotations in it. This book is totally introspective, yet it’s also a great example of speculative fiction. There were times where it was quiet and I was wondering what would happen, then there were times where I was wide-eyed and breathless. I can definitely think of the scene, which is why I recommend the audiobook version if you can. Probably the best way to experience the book.

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