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Something that Chantel and I have discussed is what the hell are we going to do in 2018. We love being able to read a book together each month and coming up with some sort of review for it. It’s fun and keeps us involved in books jointly rather than you guys getting a fun tag that we take part in.

So, we thought that it would be fun if you guys came up with books that you’d like us to read together in 2018. If we get enough recs, then we’ll be able to do this for the whole year. Plus, it’d really be fun to involve all of you in what we read since, right now, we choose our own books month by month.

The way this works is that we’d like you to put in some books you would like to see us read. In the survey, I’ve provided a link so you guys can see what we’ve read for 2017. There is a “limit” for how many books we’d like you to suggest, but don’t let that stop you. If you can only think of one book you’d like us to read, put that in. If you think of more than five, please put them in.

There is also a short poll that we’d like you to do about what you like about the blog and what you might like to see more of.

All in all, it’s only three questions. I know that we’d both love it if you guys filled it out so we can read what you’d like us to and so we can get a little bit of feedback. This is going to run from now through around December 20th. Everything’s anonymous so you can say what you want and you don’t have to say who you are unless you want to.

Click here to take it and thank you again for everyone who does!

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