October Wrap-Up/Book Haul and November Planning

October has come and gone. The rest of the year is going to fly by and soon it will be 2018. It is terrifying how fast time flies. Anyway, Chantel is excited to stuff her face on Thanksgiving.

This month for the book club, we assigned each other our favorite Shakespeare play that isn’t Macbeth. We both love Macbeth, but we wanted to assign each other two different plays. Caidyn (and Chantel) read The Tempest and Chantel read Richard III. Our reviews should be up by now, or if they aren’t, keep an eye out. In November, for the BW Book Club, we will be reading The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.

Also, not book related but we binged both seasons of Stranger Things and it was excellent. Hopper is bae.

Hopper bae.gif
We spent a lot of time watching this.

Chantel will be in purple. 

Caidyn will be in blue. 

I AM GOING FIRST. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Take that! Yeah, yeah. That’s because I have to read a book still and write two reviews. No need to get salty. Yas Kween.

So, in October, I read a LOT. Not only did I make up for the fact that I read diddly squat in September, but I read more than I have in any other month since we started this blog…or ever. I participated in my first readathon which was the GetGraphic readathon, which was a readathon for graphic novels. All of the graphic novels I read featured queer characters and/or dealt with queer themes. In total, I read 10 books. I will break them down by rating and link to my reviews of each except the readathon wrap up which is linked here

5 Stars: 

  • Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire – Holy shit you guys, this book was fantastic. I was so pleased with this book that I am eagerly waiting for the release of Beneath the Sugar Sky
  • Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash (*4.5) – This was a great start to the GetGraphic readathon. I flew through this graphic novel about summer camp and first loves, it really took me back. 

4 Stars: 

  • Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee – I thought this book was totally adorable. There are some great superhero themed books with queer main characters. It’s the only reason I’m reading superhero books because it’s not my genre. If you haven’t read this, go check it out, it’s got an adorable f/f romance and is a lot of fun. 
  • The Infinite Loop by Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier (Illustrator) – This graphic novel was just a bunch of fun and even with the slightly confusing sci-fi elements, I still enjoyed it. 
  • Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill – This was a short graphic novel I read before the readathon. It was about 50 pages and was about two young princesses that subvert typical fairy tale tropes. TAKE NOTES, DISNEY!

3 Stars: 

  • The Wicked + The Divine, Vol 1: The Faust Act by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (Illustrations), Matt Wilson (Colorist), Clayton Cowles (*3.5) – This is a huge graphic novel series about gods that live on Earth that I’m just getting around to (like Saga) and this first volume was intriguing and I will keep reading just based on this first volume. 
  • Skim by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki (*3.5) – This graphic novel ultimately disappointed me. I thought the portrayal of depression was well done, but in the end, I was left wanting more. 
  • The Spire by Simon Spurrier, Jeff Stokely (Illustrations), Andre May (Colorist) – This graphic novel was bizarre and a bit hard to follow, but in the end, I enjoyed that it featured a queer main character with an interesting twist at the end. 
  • The Tempest by William Shakespeare – Ultimately, I didn’t enjoy this as much as I did when I first read it. There were some gorgeous lines. However, I wasn’t a fan of the different plots and wasn’t invested in any except Prospero’s story. 
  • King Richard III by William Shakespeare – I thought King Dicky himself was compelling, but this is a play that will take multiple reads for me to fully grasp. 

Book Haul

In addition to participating in the readathon early this month, that same weekend I volunteered and shopped at a huge book sale. There I bought several books and outside of that I bought a few books and received one directly from the author. 

Empress of the World by Sara Ryan, Every Day by David Levithan, and Ash by Melinda Lo


I’m lumping the three of these together because I got them at the book sale and they all have LGBTQIA+ themes. I’ve read Empress of the World and Every Day, and I’ve wanted to read Ash for a long time now. 

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

This book is gorgeous, even without the dust jacket. I don’t know anything about this book, and if I was going to read a book purely based on looks it would be this one. 

Modern Romance by Aziz Anzari, Eric Klinenberg


I listened to this audiobook earlier in the year (or maybe last year) before we started the blog, and I absolutely loved it. Aziz has such a great narrating voice and the book read like a podcast. I really enjoyed this book and now I have a physical copy to add to my collection because I’d like to pick it up again at some point. 

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


I’ve never read an Agatha Christie book before. *gasp* SHOCKER, I know. I don’t like mystery, but if I am going to dive into mystery novels (ones without Thomas Lynch that is) I might as well start with the Kween of Mystery. 


Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Richard III by William Shakespeare, and The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Here are the three new editions of Hamlet, The Tempest, and Richard III that I bought this month. Not that I needed them, as I have two complete collections, but I couldn’t resist Hamlet and Richard III which were TWO DOLLARS at the book sale. I was in love with the cover of The Tempest so when I saw it at Barnes & Noble, I picked it up. 

Dracula by Bram Stoker


Speaking of things I found at Barnes & Noble I couldn’t resist (seriously though, I made two separate trips there this month and it’s not good for my wallet), I got this leather bound version of Dracula. Though it has a scratch on the cover (oops) it’s still one of the most gorgeous books I own. 

Idyll Threats by Stephanie Gayle and Idyll Fears by Stephanie Gayleimg_1406

I’m lumping these together because they are by the same author in the same book series. Idyll Threats is the first novel in the Thomas Lynch series and Idyll Fears is the second which came out in September. 

Now, onto story time. Near the beginning of the month, I got Idyll Fears from the library and I’m stoked to start reading it because I’ve been waiting for the second book for about a year now. Maybe longer. So, I include the first lines of Idyll Fears in First Lines Friday, and to my surprise, Stephanie Gayle reached out to me. She offered to send me a free copy of the book and as you can see, she signed it. This is by far the coolest thing that’s happened to me in a long time and I’m incredibly grateful to her for sending me the book. I’ve now gone back to re-read Idyll Threats first because I wanted to refresh my memory. Or you know, it’s just a shameless attempt to read more about Thomas Lynch. 

It was actually super cool since we have a joint email for this account, so I watched the whole thing unfold. Like, I’m pretty sure that I texted Chantel in all caps about how she needed to look at the email right at that second and I didn’t care what she was doing. Super cool to see. I mean, I get emails or messages from authors requesting me to read ARCs, but never an author who wanted to send me a signed book just because I gushed about it.

As I talked about last month, I’m not going off of a TBR anymore and just reading whatever I wish. The only exception is whatever book Caidyn and I choose for the BW Book Club, but I am so far enjoying just picking up any book I want. My only issue right now is I’m in the middle of three different books. Two of them are audiobooks, which doesn’t make things any easier. I hope to finish them all before the end of November just so my Currently Reading shelf isn’t so clogged up. 

Okay, here I am. Doing this.

Like usual, I read a lot, so I’m actually going to break it up like Chantel did since that’s really succinct and easy for you guys.

5 stars:

4 stars:

3 stars:

2 stars:

As for books I’m going to read, I do have a list. Because I get ARCs and requests. Other than the three listed below, I’m going to read what I feel like and/or what library books I get!

Okay, now my book haul!

For one, I got myself the newest illustrated edition of Harry Potter! It’s beautiful and the colors are just amazing with it. Which is absolutely gorgeous and I’m totally jealous of.

Next, I bought a couple new copies of books that I love, Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities.


I also bought a copy of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. My excuse is using it for a project, but, really, I wanted to own it and that was enough of a justification for me.


And, then I bought a ton of random books.

I suppose that I should go through them, though. The top book is from the one Twitter user that I actually pay attention to, and it’s a satirical Henry VIII and he published a “self-help” book. The one next to it is by an author I read and used in a paper about Katherine Howard, but he wrote about various English queens from 1308-1485 in this book. Next, is a book on Napoleon’s first wife. The next is on a topic called the Dreyfus Affair that showcased French anti-Semitism. The next book sounds hilarious since it’s about the failing of modern men. The last book is all about medieval warfare, so right up my alley.



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