September Book Subscriptions

Welcome to another edition of us talking about what book subscriptions we got in September and how excited we are about them.

Caidyn will be in blue.
Chantel will be in purple.

So, I get PageHabit’s book subscription for mystery. This month, I actually found out that you can add onto your subscription. Aka, you can tell them that you want the full subscription you pay for plus book(s) from another subscription. They have tons of options and I was on the fence about doing mystery or horror, but now I can do both… so long as I have the cash for it, so there’s that.

Either way, this month I’ve done both!

I was super pleased with the packaging.


The book I got for mystery was The Visitors by Catherine Burns.

I haven’t heard much about this book, so I’m actually excited for it. And the note that Catherine included really interested me more about what it might look like and what sort of things I’ll be facing in the book. It’s going to be fun when I get to it.

The book for horror is The Twilight Pariah by Jeffrey Ford.

Unlike the first book, I’m not super pumped about it. An author and writer that I’m friends with on Goodreads left a very negative review for it. Now, I don’t usually base opinions off of one book, however I really trust this author since I’ve found that I largely agree with his book opinions.  If he says something sucks, then I’m likely to agree. Even without reading his books.

Other than the books, I got a short story that I’m excited for. The title really interests me.


And then I got a coaster that is perfect for holding my wine and a cool bookmark!

All in all, I liked this month’s box.

September Owlcrate – Mythical Creatures 


I was super excited for this theme when I saw it in the August crate. This is my second Owlcrate ever and I’m very pleased with it overall. I get cool stuff and I’m introduced to some books I’ve never heard of. This month featured a few things that I use daily. 

First off, the card and pin (feat your tiny hands) which I absolutely adored. This one doesn’t top last months, but I still enjoyed it. That is until Watson got ahold of the card and ruined it.


Ahh, bath salts (feat tiny hands). While I love the smell of Eucalyptus, I have no use for these because I have a shower. Sadly, they are wasted on me.


This is a book cover which I desperately needed. I ruined my copy of A Darker Shade of Magic because it was in my bag rubbing against red ink so now the copy is ruined. Now that I have this cover, I can keep books safe when they are buried in my bag. Okay, that’s a nice idea. I could use that since my books tend to get fucked up from my backpack and all the stuff I have in it.

The coin purse is probably my second favorite item in this. The first being the book cover. Obviously. I do not have a coin purse nor do I carry a wallet. My phone case has a place to put my cards and that’s all I have. Now that I have this coin purse I have a place to put all of them. 

I adore this wooden bookmark. It is Game of Thrones inspired which I love as well and it’s just a great addition to my growing collection of bookmarks. 

This Hagrid sticker is just adorable, but I’m not sure what to do with my stickers yet. 

Ze Book. With an Owlcrate exclusive cover. That’s a nice cover.

Once again, this is not a book I’ve heard of before. I’ll link to the Goodreads page here, but it sounds interesting enough. I’ll get to it one day. 

A few book related items which include a guide to the dragons in the story as well as a signed bookplate which comes with every Owlcrate. 


If I was excited last month for the theme, I’m even more excited for this month. Each box will come with a book inspired candle. I love candles even though I never light them. Each box also comes with a mug and I am ALL HERE FOR IT. So, I’m sure there will be plenty to gush about next month. 

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